New WIP – a touch of politics

A story idea popped into my head some time last week or the week before. I’m hoping it’s not foresight I’m having since I’m going into the education field when I graduate, but it involves a burned out teacher who stops believing in her passion. Then a student comes along that no one thinks is worthwhile, and she finds a kindred spirit in this young boy that sets her on a path of re-enlightenment that is wonderful for them, but threatening to the governing body of the modern day public education system.

Apologies in advance, but yes, it’s a political piece sharing my views. I’ve never written a piece like this before because it’s never interested me until quite recently. My views tend to turn people away, which is sad because I don’t think politics should get in the way of friendships, love, or just basic human kindness. But I’m slowly but surely reaching a point where I’m firm in my beliefs and I’m happy to share them. Stay and listen or ignore me and leave. I can’t make you do either. As a writer, this is what’s of interest to me so this is what I am motivated to write about. Probably because of these accursed presidential elections coming up. Gets everyone in an uproar.

I’m not here to antagonize. I love freedom and personal rights as much as the next person. I’m just here to write some thought provoking literature.

…and I’m on the blog to just make myself write SOMETHING. Everyone should write a little everyday just to get thoughts articulated. Hopefully I’ll be using this idea with my students this semester. Learning without realizing. Teehee.


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