G.L.E.E.ful inspiration

One of the classes I’ll be assisting with this semester is G.L.E.E. with the eighth graders. It stands for Global Live Entertainment…something. It’s a class where the students create their own musicals from scratch. It’s kinda fascinating to watch from just what little I got to see from being in the school once a week last year. I’m really looking forward to it because I adore the creating process. I think I love the creating more than the actual writing to be perfectly honest.

I had the same feeling as I did last year as they discussed pinpointing topics for their plays. Today was the discussion about a general theme, but as they talked, and as I remembered all of the Aesop’s fables they scrolled through last year when they had narrowed their theme to that, my mind went wild with story ideas. Most were pitiful, of course, but if I really sat and wrote them down as they hit me, I think I’d have to drop everything and plot out a few. Haha! Yeah, it happens that fast for me sometimes.

Now if only I could make myself sit and finish something…did I mention I want to direct Neil Simon’s Fools as a political spoof? Yup. Read that play and picture it. 😉

Oh! Also realized I can use the curriculum my co-op gave me for more game ideas for the theatre blog. But more on that when I graduate and get it started. 106 DAYS!

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