Kids caught election fever

I had a terribly interesting and scary conversation with my cooperating teacher the other day. Now I won’t knock you for your political beliefs. In fact, my political beliefs say you are welcome to your opinion and flaunt it how you choose, just don’t shove it down my throat. But to see the passion and anger rising in my co op’s face while I argued my point was kind of scary.

I’m a libertarian, budding anarcho-capitalist. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a free country (or should be) and I can believe as I feel, right? So the lead up to the conversation was me saying, “If I were to vote–” and he cut me off immediately saying, “You are going to vote…” in a way that said “You’re mistaken and there is no ‘if’ about it!” I said no and he said, “You HAVE to vote. It is your civic duty!”

I explained to him I don’t agree with the democratic system. Again, it’s my opinion and I should not be faulted for having an opinion so long as I don’t hurt anyone, right? I said that by not voting, I am denying my consent to be governed. He said that voting third party is better than doing nothing. I tried to explain that I’m not doing “nothing”, rather I am denying my consent. I’m saying “No.” I compared democracy to two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner. He went on about how at least the sheep can use his voice to say “No. I don’t want to be eaten” and he can vote for one of the wolves and the other wolf will go away. I countered with, “But the sheep will still be eaten.”

He said, “It’s better than being eaten by 2 wolves.”

I said, “…but the sheep still gets eaten!”

His response, “One day down the line people will look at the statistics of third party voters and write-ins and see that a large group voted outside of the 2 party system. And maybe one day the sheep will gather and evolve and grow fangs” (yes, that is verbatim) “and get bigger. Then they can have a candidate to compete with the wolves.”

I said, “So then they can bully the wolves?”

His response, “Yes.”

You may not agree with my political beliefs. I believe in the non-aggression pact. Do no harm. Never enact force on another person. Let people live their own lives. No one needs to be told what to do and how to live by another human being of equal human…ness. So to see my co op get so angry telling me that I HAVE to vote and I HAVE to give my consent to let one warmonger or another warmonger have control of my life was scary. But it was an interesting conversation to have when I’ve reached a point in my learning that I can counter my opinion with facts. So it was a nice little debate that he claims he won. Former social studies teacher. Big ego when it comes to this stuff. Still a very nice and smart man. Great mentor to me…for teaching techniques anyway.

The scariest part of the whole day though was when I was in my classroom working on something and my co op had stepped out. Two boys ran past the room screaming, “O-BA-MA! HE KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN! O-BA-MA! HE KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN!”

I could only equate it to one thing: Hitler Youth. Yes. Obama has his own Obama Youth. Congratulations, public education system. You have indoctrinated the youth very well. It’s a scary world we’re sending our kids in. I’m glad they are embedded with some interest in their country, but to me, it’s the wrong kind of interest because they have the wrong leaders.

But that could just be me. And the maybe the people being bombed by drones overseas…and maybe the people being taxed mercilessly for goods they don’t receive…and maybe the people being harassed by the police…and maybe the people who are about to take a beating economically after four “quantitative easings”. Guess we’ll see. – take it with an open mind.


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