The best moment for a teacher…

…is seeing that light bulb go off in a student’s eyes. 🙂

Finished up monologues today. They were a LOT better than I was expecting. Not that I was expecting anyone to do really poorly (only a few, maybe), but some went above and beyond what I expected and it was fabulous! And the students knew that they were receiving applause not just for completing the assignment, but because they had earned the applause for a job well done. I am so proud.

Still though, to teach every day for 20+ years? Talk about daunting. I give good teachers a lot of credit. I love getting in front of the class, but I guess thinking of it as a career choice is a little terrifying. Lazy me wants to make money on easy street. Unlikely. Haha! But I also want to feel fulfilled, which is why I’ve got my sights set on a far and away dream of my own theatre-eqsue place. I think I would thrive better in that informal environment. Public schools are too strict and indoctrination-y for me.

I’m prepping a blog that will talk about all the things I love and that are vital about theatre. Coming soon to a computer near you. Hope it will get people learning through play like children should all be doing. 😉


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