Happy holidays!! …And happy graduation!! …And happy Primal living!

(If you read anything in this post, check out the part about Primal living further down!  Not to preach, but it’s made me a happy girl. 🙂 )

Now that the whirlwind of holidays and school has passed, I have remembered to spew my thoughts here again. I’m a graduate! Woohoo! Still waiting to hear about a neat job opportunity one of the teachers at the middle school told me about. I’m not holding my breath or anything, but if it worked out, that would be phenomenal. Working at a specialized school with 3rd through 5th grade on theatre. Sweet! Otherwise, it’s time for the job hunt. Yay…? I knew the day was coming as I counted down. Now it’s here. But once I can secure some kind of big girl job, I can start looking towards the next step which is moving out of my parents’ house. Isn’t that every adolescent’s dream?

I also just got back from a four day stay in South Carolina to visit my family down there. Mainly to see my grandfather who had a stroke three years ago. My aunt made it sound like he had given up on life and we wanted to make sure we got to see him. Turns out he didn’t give up on life; he’s just being difficult like a child and he’s given up on taking responsibility for his own care. He’s got nurses to take care of him, why should he try walking and doing physical therapy? Silly man. But it seemed like he was still happy that we surprised him with a visit. Once he got his cigarette, he stopped being so one-track minded and would talk to us a little. I kind of gave him some incentive to get back on track with physical therapy. I said I wanted to see him at my graduation on May 16, 2013. He said, “Can I use the walker?” Yes, of course! I don’t care how you get here, just get up to Jersey and get back on track with moving your limbs again! Silly silly man.

But it was also nice to see the rest of the family for the holidays and get some time away with my mom. Girls week! And the hotel was really nice for that. It was like our own little apartment. Two bedrooms. A living room. A kitchen with a microwave, stove, and oven. Fridge. TVs. It was niiiice.

***This is also day14 of my 21 days Primal Diet Challenge. I’m going primal living and I’m already seeing spectacular results! For me, that means weight loss and fewer cravings to eat. Check it out if you wanna learn more. It’s a high fat, low carb “diet” (I hate that word). The only things I’m restricted from are grains, legumes, and processed sugar. “Wait! You don’t eat grains??? No RICE? No PASTA?? No BREAD??? HOW DO YOU LIVE??” Yes, it was difficult to imagine saying goodbye to my perfect, simple, delicious meals of pasta and fried things and such. I’m a fiend for those things…which made holidays in the south VERY difficult. When my brother went primal over a year ago, I could swear he had lost his mind. I finally caved for personal reasons, and all I did was peruse the website I linked above. Mark’s Daily Apple. Just looked and read. I found it interesting and simple enough to finally give it a try. I know we’re told to stay away from fatty foods, but if I’m told I can eat bacon whenever I want, you better believe I’m a happy girl. Yay bacon!

I sort of started unofficially after saying I’d start after New Years. But the reason you would change your diet is because you want to improve your health, right? So knowing what I knew about Primal Blueprint, why would I go another three weeks eating food I thought was really hurting me? So I just sort of started immediately. I was a little lax around Christmas but I forgave myself. I’m going to be really serious now that the holiday is past. I’m gonna miss out on some things like drinking with my friends and eating popcorn at the movies…and most of all I’m losing my MILK CHOCOLATE!! (Damn you, soy lechitin!) But I’m realizing that I don’t crave those things anymore. I only eat when I’m really hungry, which is not often anymore, and when I eat, I eat higher quality foods. I don’t feel super different right now other than the lack of cravings, but I noticed that my stomach is getting smaller, which is what I wanted. I don’t want food to be my go-to anymore, so if it’s not an issue, I can focus on improving my life other ways. Can’t wait to see (and feel) some major results!

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