Oh winter’s fury

The north east has no kind of luck this autumn/winter. First Sandy, now “Nemo”. Sheesh! Got stuck in the house yesterday as it began to snow earlier in the day. No work for a measly $40 pay, no show to kick off our final weekend of performances, no seeing the boyfriend on his day off from work. Although had things turned out properly, I wouldn’t have seen him as it is. i just get frustrated when the weather does stupid things like snows on me. I despise snow. And maybe I wouldn’t if it stuck only to grass and never to pavement. Oh sure. I’d love it then. But to drive with the already idiotic other drivers around here AND have conditions be dangerous? Oh no. Oh hell no.

So now it’s the day after the storm. I contemplated how little I accomplished yesterday. No laundry, no letter to my dear friend who is on her mission in California and whom I miss dearly, no walking, no primal workouts. And it made me feel worse. So I think today is one of those take charge days. Time to get this body belly ring approved. 😉

Yeah, that’s a real plan, by the way. Getting a belly ring to show off what I’ve accomplished in terms of my health. It’s been a hard fought mental battle more than anything else, but I’m doing really well! Woo! I want something on the piercing related to Grok but the best I can do is probably have a foot pendant. It’s representative of our hunter-gatherer ancestors and the print they’ve left on my health and well-being. It’s a very exciting prospect!

Time to go wander aimlessly til my brother wakes up and til I’m awake enough to get out of bed and start laundry, eat, write a letter, and get my primal on! (I’m giving up a Valentine’s Day ganache tasting at the mall where I work! Dammit! …but I’m stronger than that.)


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