My blog might be picking up a theme…

I didn’t mean for this to become a Primal blog, but that’s the current “phase” (as the boyfriend puts it) through which I’m journeying right now.

I’ve slowly come to realize that making a lifestyle change is seriously exactly as it sounds: a change to your entire life. Next time you go out with your friends, stop and notice what you do. Have you chilled on the couch with some snacks? Have you mallrat-ed and stopped at the food court? Did you meet a friend at a cafe for a quick bite and chat. Did you go to the movies and share a large bag of popcorn? Did you go to the bar on cheap beer night?

It’s interesting how your perspective has to change if you say no to certain foods that are so common place. What you are able to do with your non-primal friends has to change to some degree. We’re anticipating a Game Night tonight. Last night when I was hanging out with the boyfriend, despite having plenty of food, I was craving gelato or ice cream. Just because I wanted it. Just because it tastes good. It was that or we were gonna celebrate the Devils’ win with some peach 4Loko. He was more inclined for the latter, but luckily I was able to stop myself. However, I told him that if we had a Game Night the next night, he should buy it for me.

Then I realized I was having these cravings because that is what I’m accustomed to doing when I go out with my friends. We hang out, eat, and drink. It’s so simple to grab some quick food and alcohol and have a good time. So once I was out of the danger zone of bad influence, I was able to reconsider having him buy me the 4Loko. What worries me is having the cravings again as soon as I’m back in the environment.

It’s not just a change of diet for me. It’s a change in my whole perspective. It’s not jut a lifestyle change for me, but it’s something my friends have to deal with as well. That’s the part that’s hardest to wrap my head around. They don’t have to do as I do, but they have to do what they do while in my company as I do what I do. It’s very different for all of us because I’ll interact with them ever so slightly differently, and I know people don’t like change. But it’s here. And it’s not going anywhere cos it’s not a “phase”, dear love of mine. I don’t want this to be a point of tension. I want this to be something else about me that we can share after learning so much about what he likes and sharing them with him.


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