Two nights in the big city

I indulged last night because we were having such a fantastic time! My parents took me to see a burlesque show Thursday and Friday night. They’re friendly with a lot of the performers as well as the producers of the show so I got to meet some high end people in the world of NYC burlesque. Also we had dinner at a churrascaria BOTH NIGHTS! I ate so much meat, it was heavenly bliss. Primal heaven. And it was only Friday night that I indulged in a little dessert. I was also slightly tipsy, but I feel like I’ve been very good lately since conquering some mental battles. I was proud of myself. I was wearing my size 8 dress. I was feeling good! Everything was just feeling really good! Beautiful food! Beautiful men and women! Beautiful atmosphere!

(Maybe I’m not the best person to take primal tips from… ๐Ÿ˜› Nah, I think I do pretty well. Haha!)

Now it’s time to indulge in a low carb/low sugar/high fat/high deliciousness dessert option! That’s right! The time has come to start prepping for that primal dessert I earned!

I don’t know if I mentioned here (I know I did on my Facebook page, which always reminds me that I should make Facebook sound less like a blog and make my WordPress sound more like the blog it should be), but I challenged myself to make 5 primal recipes. 5 SPECIFICALLY primal recipes. I made beef and sausage meatballs, fried chicken with a macadamia nut crust, “Grok”-amole salad, fat guacamole devils (deviled eggs with avocado, and…one last thing I can’t remember. Once I completed the challenged, I would earn a primal treat. Now is the perfect time to make that primal treat. …Valentine’s Day? What’s that? Anyway, I know primal says moderate the hell out of dairy, but with this dessert, that just wouldn’t do it justice. It’s one of my all time favorite desserts, and I can’t see my life without it. It’s special to me and to my special man, but the boyfriend isn’t as pro-primal as I am (yet? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) so I’m trying to be respectful of that as well. At least this time around I’ll keep the dairy as fatty as possible, but gluten free, it shall be!

And hopefully it will make for a happy anniversary too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Any guesses?


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