Better than coffee to start the day

I started this morning with a poignant news article from LRC ( that sheds light on this disease of American tunnel vision.

Now I don’t have a problem with Americans. That would be a generalization, which I don’t like to do. You’re American if you happen to be born on this particular giant rock floating in this particular ocean. It’s as prejudicial as saying all black people [insert racial cliche] or all Asians [insert ethnic cliche]. I don’t like when Americans have this particular view shown in the article because it is harmful to those around them. As a libertarian/anarcho-capitalist, I don’t believe in inflicting harm on anyone else except in self defense.

This article points out some truths about MOST Americans. It’s not even our fault for having these views! Because of how we are raised, because of the propaganda displayed in the media, because of our education, we are dumbed down to believe whatever government officials want us to believe.

All I ask is that if you believe these views and you’re okay with that, you do what you do and leave me out of it. We can still be friends. Just expect a few weighty discussions here and there because we’re gonna disagree. A LOT.

I want to fix this skewed point of view. So I’m starting this morning with a big cup of government-needs-to-shut-the-hell-up. It’s delicious! 🙂


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