Passing Time

I like to write when I need to pass time. I’ve been doing a lot of that in rehearsal. If I’m not adding to the prop list, I’m being inspired by an incredible director to write more scenes in my play. This guy really knows his stuff when it comes to play development! And he knows another new play expert that I worked with in college…so maybe when I finish this script, they could both take a look at it. πŸ™‚ So this writing is to pass time with thoughts.

I’m trying in general to be more self-disciplined. I want to use my time productively, apply for those few and far teaching jobs, clean my room, watch the words I say, be self-sufficient. Who doesn’t, right? I just thought it was interesting what sparked this sudden inclination. A friend of mine posted to her Facebook page a meme about being proud to be a witch. I have a few friends who are Wiccan so I went along this flight of fancy and did a little research. Very intriguing the way this page describes the Wiccan religion. My first reaction was, “How come all Wiccans aren’t libertarians when their philosophy is to do no harm?” Another point the site makes about Wicca is that it involves a lot of self-discipline and that they don’t actively convert people, especially not children. It’s a choice made by individuals who have thought about it for themselves. These are ideas I think everyone should live by.

Now am I saying I’m going to initiate myself into Wicca? Not necessarily…but I have been looking for a spiritual outlet lately and I know those top three religions are NOT the answer for me. It was just nice to take a look at a website that I believe to be honest about a number of different religions and seeing some that I may not have ever discovered had I followed a different path in my life. And this one seems a lot more up my alley than Judaism being forced upon me as a child.

Okay, that sounds harsh, yes, but you don’t really have a choice when it comes to these things. Religions like the top three like to grab you when you’re too young to say, “Hold on a sec! Maybe I don’t believe what you believe!” …but maybe you do believe what they believe. Some of the basic principles are the same like The Golden Rule.

Life is complicated. Let’s all just seek our own happiness. I’m going to search for my self-discipline because my happiness depends on it.

P.S. – A while back I mentioned I was making a Primal dessert because of that little challenge I offered myself. I just forgot to post about it, but I did attempt it. …didn’t turn out the way I wanted, but I do plan on trying again. I also might try a different recipe. Haha! I’ll talk about that lovely disaster in a future post. πŸ™‚


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