Brenna’s Adventures in BigGirl-land – Prologue

One day about 3 weeks ago, an insane thought crossed my mind: I need a job. No, doesn’t sound insane yet. It gets better.

I decided I need a teaching job or a theatre job. Something in my field. That way I’d know I’m doing what makes me happy, which is what I’ve always been told to do. I lost my other job at Legal Seafoods, which has disorganized, perverted, and inattentive management so I was kind of glad to be gone. I’m less glad about the lack of income that is still combined with my wholehearted enthusiasm to leave my parents’ house and be independent.

“Well I’d better start really looking for a teaching job,” I thought, and off I went. TO THE INTERNET! Wouldn’t you know most places here in Jersey are not looking for theatre professionals. The ones who are looking want someone with experience that I don’t yet possess. What’s a girl to do? All the jobs are showing up in Texas!

“Wait a second,” I thought. “I’m planning on moving down south eventually anyway. If I’m going to look for a teaching job, shouldn’t it be in a district I’d like to be for an extended period of time?”

So the hunt for teaching and theatre positions down south began. My parents are planning to move south as well which put the idea in my head years ago. Atlanta is high on the short list. Nashville is as well. But Atlanta is warmer, my parents have a bunch of friends down there, and I can own a gun to protect myself. Yes, I do consider self-protection a high priority on my list of living criteria. So the hunt narrowed. I found Horizon Theatre Company that has a 4 month internship program, saw I had 6 days left to apply, and went for it. Well, I told the boyfriend first. THEN I went for it.

Knowing I’d need a place to live, I also began the apartment hunt for a 6 month lease which has lasted an additional two weeks. I met a cool guy through PROMOVE named Corey (also a theatre person!) who has been ever so helpful along the way. I love theatre people. Most of the time. Now here I am, three apartments in mind, overcoming one mental crisis after another, and I’m leaving with my mom on Thursday (three days from now) to drive to Atlanta to find my new home. My favorite apartment seems to have changed its mind about a 6 month lease, but I don’t know. I really really like it. The other two are nice as well. Pricier, but nice. I’m trying to keep my options open when we go down.

So in the span of a month, I went from graduated and jobless in Jersey to…well, possibly jobless in Georgia. This morning has been dedicated to looking around at nearby places through Google Maps, checking out websites, and looking for an employment option. Have I mentioned filling out applications blows? It does. And I don’t even know what address to put down yet! I really hope some more theatre opportunities pop up because I’m worried about the internship…unpaid internship…and whether or not I have to work full or part time somewhere I don’t exactly love because of it. I’ll definitely be scoping the theatre scene when I get down to Georgia.

I guess the biggest question now is how long am I staying?


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