Itinerary – May 5 – May 10

Okay, clearly I’m not in Georgia yet. Still freezing my buns off in the northeast while watching beautiful women dance and take their gorgeous clothes off in the city. However, in just 5 days I will finally be in my new apartment, getting my supplies together and readying the place for a year long adventure. What’s the hold up? Well my apartment isn’t actually available til the 10. I think I mentioned that already. Also, I had assumed I wasn’t accepted into the internship with Horizon Theatre Company because by the May 1 date when I was told someone would be in touch, I had yet to hear anything. The website said the internship started on the 3 so with that little notice, I couldn’t possibly think I made it so I could extend my NJ hang out time. Now I know what happened with that. Certainly can’t blame a theatre company for being swamped. I hope they understand why I assumed I hadn’t been accepted.

Oh by the way, I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!! I’ll be assisting with the Young Playwrights Festival in late May/early June and working as a literary assistant after that! Woohoo! I’m so excited to start! But first I have to move, then come back, then sit through commencement, then have the official “YOU’RE LEAVING US FOREVER” goodbyes with my family and friends, then move back down.

So what’s the deal with the next few days?

The next few days will be more packing and prep. We’re picking out some furniture and appliances to rent for the year (it’s less expensive, I can return it, and May has a special deal that lets me rent two TVs for FREE!!), figuring out what additional supplies need to be bought/shipped and when (like kitchen utensils), when to buy groceries and what to buy, when I’m actually coming back up for commencement and how, and all that nifty stuff I want to strangle to death. Somewhere in there I need to wash my hair too.

May 5 – Chilling at home and working out logistical thingamajigs with dad – FREE EVENING* (*pending my hair getting washed)

May 6 – Late morning/early afternoon errands at Lens Crafters at Livingston Mall and the Wells Fargo near my house. – FREE EVENING

May 7 – 8 – Final packing details. Might take my car back to STS for those other less expensive procedures. Might not. – FREE EVENING** (**pending my car’s availability)

May 9 – I really don’t have anything else planned unless I get lazy about packing. If all goes well and May 5 is my last lazy day, then this will be my last free daytime hang out day. – FREE DAY (No evening plans. I’m leaving stupid early tomorrow!)

May 10 – Between 12am & 1am – On the road to Georgia! Be back in a week for commencement!

***May 15 – 20 – Hair appointment, early to bed, commencement, dinner, seeing the boyfriend, more hanging out before the real goodbyes, then finally settling in Georgia.

Jam packed. Yup.

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