Video Frenzy – Let’s talk 4th amendment

The ever informative liberty lover Amanda Billyrock posted THIS horrifying video. The name alone will stop anyone with sense from mindlessly scrolling through their Facebook Newsfeed as I typically do. (Seriously. I will open Facebook, scroll the Newsfeed, go back to the top, open a new tab, open Facebook in that new tab, and then scroll again. Won’t realize it til minutes later.) You might say, “A police officer? Breaking into a home? Tasering innocents? That’s bull. Police only protect people. It’s short so I’ll take a look at this hooey.”

Not hooey. Horrifying. Please point out where justice is achieved in this video. Not so easy as finding Waldo.

In the comments of Amanda’s Facebook link, someone posted THIS gem that thrilled me. Indiana now remembered to add in a part of legislature that was previously and conveniently left out that allows people to use force against unlawful search and seizure by police. If only California wasn’t such a cesspool in terms of freedoms maybe the man and his wife from the first video would have been safer. California is gorgeous from what I hear. Nowhere on which I’d want to set my foot though.

Which then reminded me of another informative,  if blunt, video about when it’s okay to defend yourself against such harassment as seen in the first video or worse. It isn’t updated with the new law in Indiana (I think it’s different from the second video), but once upon a time in Indiana, you were significantly less safe from police. There’s a great distinction made by the creator Larken Rose to someone in the comments:

“Well, the video makes the distinction between the practical question, and the moral question. Yes, on small and large scales, forcible resistance to “legal” aggression often ends quite badly. But a people who don’t know they have the RIGHT to resist aggression (even if it’s a bad idea on a practical level), is a people who will be slaves forever. (P.S. I do have my complaints with Gandhi, but that’s another issue.)”

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, I highly recommend taking a look at these. Facts are facts whether immediately agreeable to your sensitivities or not…and I’m pretty sensitive. It made my return to Jersey for graduation a little sad, but I do enjoy learning more about why liberty is always the best policy. And it’s nice to have easy internet access without worrying about my electric bill in the apartment. Plus, I get to see my family again and that always cheers me up. 😀

Yeah, I’m walking for commencement tomorrow. Whoa. Wanted to decorate my cap, but I’m waaaaay too tired to go to the store after a 14 hour drive from Georgia. And crippling heartburn for 3 hours through the boring chunk of Virginia. More on that perhaps in another post. Anyway, please watch these videos and please give them a chance before dismissing anything that seems to contradict popular information. Thanks! Go forth and conquer with knowledge! Not violence unless in self-defense!


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