This one is for the LADIES! LISTEN UP!

You’ve been warned about TSS. Try something that isn’t toxic and maybe you won’t get sick.

Watch that first video in the link above. What’s your take on it? I don’t agree that I have a right to know what goes into the creation of a tampon or pad. I certainly don’t believe in regulating businesses. The free market will take care of that.


Well if you won’t tell me what’s in your product, then I certainly don’t want your product when the other company will tell me. And their product won’t poison me. I’m looking up reviews right now for a few different brands that are listed in Mercola’s article. I’ve got a little less than a month to find something better. ::gameface::

I’ve had a discussion with a few people about the legitimacy of Dr. Mercola’s research. Suffice it to say my opinion has not changed. He backs up his evidence the way big brand companies will not. He doesn’t have the incentive of those big subsidized companies to do the government’s bidding. He does research for knowledge’s and health’s sake and I commend him for it.


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