Primal Challenge #2!

I said I’d restart the challenge once I got settled in Georgia. And here I am, about as settled as a lazy girl who doesn’t feel like hanging up the rest of her clothing immediately can be. I realized after my two big shopping trips for necessities and food that I was eager to get cooking and try new recipes. Then I realized I was lacking in some of the easily missed ingredients for the stack of recipes I brought with me. But I figured I’d just leave or substitute some ingredients and get my kitchen in action anyway. Then I decided to just find some simpler recipes.

So Monday was the first day of my internship. Lots of typing and printing and learning my way around. It’s a nice theatre! 12pm at the theatre after arriving Sunday evening doesn’t leave much room for cooking though. I also didn’t have much to eat except frozen meat. So I decided, “What the hell! One last night of splurging cos I can’t really help it!” And I tested out Panda Express down the road.

Yeah, it wasn’t one of my prouder moments despite the situation. Especially when it’s described as the McDonald’s of Chinese food. And yet that wasn’t the morning I woke up with heartburn. Go figure.

Monday after the internship I went to Kroger and bought all my produce and fresh stuff. Yay! Now I was able to make an actual meal! Well I also had eggs and bacon for breakfast Monday morning. That was pretty satisfying too. 🙂 So my first dinner was baked chicken in marinara sauce with sauteed broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.  Mmmm. That gave me a happy belly. And I Skyped the boyfriend. That gave me a happy everything else. Damn I miss that boy.

Tuesday was a longer day in the theatre than I anticipated. No biggie. I was glad to feel very productive and helpful. And because I was expecting a day off Wednesday, I planned on using Tuesday evening to COOK COOK COOK! And I did!

In all I made a delicious salad (Tuesday morning before the internship), mayonnaise, ranch dressing, mashed sweet potatoes,  sweet potato salad and hamburgers. Some for immediate eating. Others to enjoy on another day too. It may not seem like a lot — it doesn’t as I look over my list, unless I forgot something — but for just one person, it’s gonna last me a while. It has so far.

So I had dinner for Tuesday, leftover chicken and salad for Wednesday, leftover mashed sweet potatoes, left over broccoli and friends, salad and fried chicken Thursday, and tonight…well I don’t have tonight planned yet.  But this morning I made PANCAKES! What better way to pass the time in the morning than cooking healthy alternatives to the best of breakfasts? 😀 You’re also more motivated to do things in the morning when you DON’T wake up with heartburn. Like I did Wednesday…but I got to catch up on Tabletop and The Guild. Woo!

So I definitely tried some new recipes and I shall count them towards Challenge #2

Recipe 2.1 – garlic mashed sweet potatoes (modified for lack of ingredients)

Recipe 2.2 – sweet potato salad

Recipe 2.3 – banana coconut pancakes  (modified for lack of some ingredients)

2013-05-20_09.00.11 2013-05-20_21.53.19 2013-05-23_20.05.25 2013-05-24_08.46.53


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