Brenna’s Adventures in BigGirl-Land: The Calm Before the Storm

It’s a beautiful lazy Sunday morning in Stone Mountain, GA. I’m trying to get out of the house today because I didn’t yesterday and I felt really icky about it. There’s a lot I want to do, but without income I’m hesitant to even breathe. Yes, I have assets saved up. Then I remembered June rent is due in a couple of days and it’s like a lumberjack taking a wild swing and finally clipping a nice chunk of tree away. Boom! A little more progress made.

Or to break down the analogy: BOOM! A little more of my assets are lost. And they’re not being replenished just yet. …So I guess like, those tree hugger people are the analogy for my job situation. They’ll come in and plant more trees to protect the forest the way a job will provide more money to…

Okay, end of analogy.

So I’m making a short shopping list to get me through the upcoming week of chaos at the theatre for the New South Young Playwrights Festival in which I’ll be assisting. I’m scared to buy everything even on this short list. I will probably be out all day, which means money for eating out, and I’ll be home late, which means I need a quick meal STAT! Even with healthy eating and not eating nearly as much as I used to, I still need to eat eventually because the energy will be drained. I feel like that’s especially true for the week of YPF.

I remembered that the original plan was to find an open Family Dollar (I think that’s what they call Dollar Tree down here) and find some stuff for POC. I have a costume theme to finish prepping. And if everything I need is just a dollar, I’ll feel much better about buying it. You know, as opposed to buying essential things like food that cost more than a dollar. Another snag is that I now live in the Bible Belt. EVERYTHING CLOSES ON SUNDAYS! So I’m hoping that Family Dollar is still open. The way the upcoming week sounds, I’m hoping maybe one of the liquor stores will be open too. ::headdesk::

The prospect of having a job by next week is keeping my hopes high. The Primal shake I had for breakfast is keeping my energy and nutrition high. Time to get out of my PJs and see the world. And maybe I’ll take a walk through Little Five Points now that I know exactly where the shopping district is. Not buying anything. Just looking and avoiding eye contact with strangers. 🙂 Thank goodness for the 30 day MARTA pass!

Have a good day everyone!


One thought on “Brenna’s Adventures in BigGirl-Land: The Calm Before the Storm

  1. LMAO! So funny to hear you talk about your new surroundings! I live in Lawerenceville, Ga minues from Stone Mountain. I’ve gotten used to it though. I’m originally from New York, so I understand a bit of what you are feeling!

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