Dear Millenials: a plea

Batman slap - 12 in love

I’ll be honest. I was listening to Pop2k in my car the other day and “One Less Lonely Girl” by Justin Beiber came on. I never actually listened to his music so I thought it was only fair to give it a shot. I mean, hell! I’ve been secretly in love with N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys since I was a pre-teen. Pre-teens may not have the best taste, but the music can be kinda catchy.

I listened to this song. From beginning to end.

Wow. The people who hate Justin Beiber’s “music” are SO RIGHT. He is awful! His voice is immature. He’s like 3 years old singing about love and I’ve only heard Michael Jackson pull that off. And maybe Dream Street. And the people who like his music either have one guilty sick twisted pleasure or they are just sick and twisted in their music preference. I mean, I can still be friends with any of my friends who like Justin Beiber, but I think I’ve made better friend choices than that.

It was so bad and traumatizing, I managed to unhear it. My brain would not allow me to remember the sounds, only the words to describe why I will NEVER punish myself with such loathing as to listen to Justin Beiber’s music EVER AGAIN.  I will attribute that to going Primal. My body loves me and wants what’s best for me. 😉

So to the children out there who think this kid has good music, to the young girls messing themselves over love songs when they don’t even understand what a menstrual cycle is, to the children who think music didn’t start until he came around, shame on you! Get yourself an education and listen to some hits from different eras. Get to know music when there were still a majority of real musicians and not model faces lipsyncing or being autotuned. You want love songs? The 60s has the best love songs I’ve ever heard. Start there, kiddies.

That is all. [/rant]


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