Brenna’s Adventures in BigGirl-Land: YPF catch-up and Recipe 2.4 and 2.5!

I’m trying very hard to get this “organized” thing down. Yes, I tell employers that I’m totally organized — and I really am when I’m at work! — but I feel like my organizational skills are represented in different ways depending on my location. At home, I’m still honing that particular organizational technique.

To do so, I figured Sunday, my first full day all to myself after the New South Young Playwrights Festival, would be an excellent day to practice prepping a few meals for the week.ย  Then I wouldn’t have to worry about cooking while I go out and about on errands and starting my new partly part time job at Horizon Theatre! But I didn’t actually make that much. Oh well.

Gourmet burgers
Gourmet burgers

Yeah, did I mention I’m employed? Madison The Box Office Manager asked if I would be interested in training in box office duties for the theatre. Yay! But like I said, it’s like partly part time. 10 – 15 hours a week more or less depending on if a show is going on. Still, as a starter, I’ll take it! And I’ll blog about it til I get my camcorder cord from NJ. Did I also mention the festival was so much fun? Hectic as all get out, but so fun to be a part of and such a valuable learning experience for me. All of the first week of my internship was prepping for the festival. Contact info, filling Bobby the all-knowing binder, collecting and organizing paperwork for the students and mentors, making binders from which the actors could read the play submissions (at least for Monday). Busy busy office work.

  • Then Monday. Monday was picking up breakfast for Tuesday and dinner for Monday night. Finishing printing scripts for Tuesday’s play readings. Last minute changes to script selections for the readings.
  • Tuesday was more of the same…but less because I had prepped Tuesdays scriptsย  and there was less food to collect since dinner would be dine-in at a restaurant. I joined the playwrights for dinner. Got a chance to chat with them a little. It was nice. They’re basically my peer group. I only just recently graduated, remember? A really good group.
  • Wednesday was more filling binders for play readings, picking up food and making sure it was correct, and making sure there was plenty for everyone including our allergy kids. I got a break because there was so little for me to do, so when I came back (after making my Not-Beenie Weenies for the first time! YUM!) I got to read for one of the plays! Then I helped out as assistant house manager again. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Thursday. Oh Thursday. You were so unkind to me. Tons of messing around with the script from hell. THIRTEEN ACTORS INCLUDED IN A READING SUCKS!! And on top of that, I ended up going to the wrong restaurant to get dinner and then got stuck in traffic. I was 45 minutes late with the food AND there was hardly enough AND I was late for my assistant house manager duties. So I stress-ate a bunch of cookies and got heartburn in the morning. Ugghhhh….Thursday….
  • Friday was more laid back since all the readings were over. It was more printing and then I had to just watch over the rehearsals of the 5 minute plays they wrote over the course of the week. I was out til around 9 and missed a party cos I felt so tired and poopy after eating such crap the last couple of days. (Yes, my vocabulary is extensive. Poopy.)
  • Saturday was the last day. Totally chill. Tried for an IF day, but caved and ate salad. Then a couple slices of cake. Then a better dinner as I hung out with one of the playwrights who is super cool. ๐Ÿ˜€ย  Then a rooster cookie while watching The Book Club Play. Very good day. And I survived YPF!2013-06-01_17.59.38

Then I celebrated Sunday night…and regretted it a little…but just a little. ๐Ÿ˜›

So on to the recipes!

2.4 – Not-Beenie Weenies: I was ecstatic to find this recipe! Franks and beans was another staple of my boredom diet. Pop open a can, stick in a pot, cut up hot dogs and EAT! This is just like that, but better for you AND has sweet potatoes which are always DELICIOUS! And it really tastes like franks and beans! Just in a tomato sauce instead of…whatever goes in the other sauce. Yum yum!!2013-06-02_15.38.30 2013-06-02_16.21.57

2.5 – Cauliflower Pizza: This is seriously the best thing I’ve made so far. I was quite skeptical after a previous attempt at recreating my long lost love. It was also a pain to grate the cauliflower til I thought to use my blender’s “grate” option. But I swear on my life it tastes like the dough version of pizza! Especially the lightly burnt edges. That was actually my favorite part. And when I have pepperoni instead of hot dogs, and mozzarella cheese instead of colby jack, I’m sure it’ll taste even MORE like the doughy version I miss so much. I. Am. So. Happy.

2013-06-03_15.45.46 2013-06-03_16.34.09

And I’m torn between what dessert I’m going to treat myself to. If anyone has thoughts of something they’d like to see a primal/paleo version of, let me know! I’ll see if I can find a recipe. So far, there’s always been a healthy alternative to the old stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€