Freedom lovers rejoice! (and anyone interested in something other than “the lesser of two evils”)

Today is the launch of!

My brother first introduced me to Amanda BillyRock’s YouTube videos late in 2012. I relate so well because just like me, she is a former neo-con turned libertarian turned anarchist (the inevitable conclusion of the libertarian). She, along with my brother’s annotations in the beginning as I slowly came into my new education, helped me understand why it’s so important to embrace personal freedoms and the non-aggression principle. It’s simple as pie, my friends: Do no harm. Since then, I’ve untangled myself from former understandings of government and political science (the science of people)…which really wasn’t understanding at all.

Amanda’s YouTube videos are short, succinct, and fun to watch. She has met some great men like Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul. She’s friendly and inviting and we’re friends on Facebook! I’m happy to say she’s helped me see the light of anarchy. Again, no — anarchy does not mean chaos and looting and people killing each other whenever they please. That’s hardly non-aggression, you see. And do I really seem like someone who’s gonna go shooting up a place? Really?

So a big congratulations to Amanda and the best of luck to her website! Take a look if you’re interested in a new perspective or if you agree and want some reassurance that there are other people like you who want to see a better society. I hope it brings in freedom lovers young and old, changes a good handful of minds, and spreads the good word of liberty!



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