Brenna’s Adventures in BigGirl-Land: One Month-versary!

::confettie cannons::



::pomp and circumstance::

So it’s a little belated, but I’ve officially been a Georgia resident for one month. Woo! Which is both super exciting at the prospect of what I’ve accomplished in a month and super exciting at the prospect of returning to my loved ones in only eleven months. Yeah, I’m pretty torn. Only a little over a month before I get to see the boyfriend again! :3

I’ve cooked up a bunch of new recipes while I’ve been here. I’ve planned out my own grocery and errands schedule…after seeing what works and what failed miserably… We should have a moment of silence for those four once beautiful tomatoes and that once lovely cucumber. And the big boxes of spinach and spring mix…and the mushrooms…and the leftover carrots.

I’ve gotten a part time job in my field of choice and applied to about 10 other full time jobs. Haven’t heard back — typical –but I’ll see what can be done about that. I’ve met my neighbor and I’ve met some cool people at workΒ  And cool people during YPF. And cool people my parents are friends with (and I am too because POC is a wonderful place that brings people together!) I discovered a little more about my health and learned how to keep myself on track beyond vanity. Heartburn is a beast, man. Uggghh. Thank goodness for the food curfew.

Let’s wrap this up: Georgia license, car insurance, hung up clothes, smart shopping decisions, found mail box, thunderstorms, almost lost coconut oil, etc. It’s been a pretty good month. Moments of chaos and homesickness, but I’ve overcome it for the most part. πŸ™‚

Oh! And Kroger. And MARTA. And Boy Meets World every weekday morning. There. That about covers it.

Happy one month-versary! I’m glad I’ve had Skype and Facebook and Google and Verizon (you know, so the WHOLE WORLD can see my texts…enjoy them. πŸ˜‰ ) to keep me in touch with the people I love. My parents have been good about keeping in touch with me. I’m trying to be good to keep them in the loop with my life. I owe them for almost 23 years of hair pulling. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the support! I’ve never needed it more than I do now.



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