A Love Letter To People Everywhere

Dear People,

This article was posted by a friend of mine on Facebook. I’m so glad I stopped scrolling for this!

I hope everyone takes this message of self-love to heart because it’s so important for our minds and the minds of our children to break this long standing habit of thinking thin is the only form of beauty.

I happened to be eating a salad while I was reading the article. I looked down at my bowl and I wasn’t thinking, “This salad is gonna make me thin.” I was thinking, “This is a really delicious salad and I’m glad I splurged on that new dressing I wanted. Is the chicken ready yet?” That is a HUGE step for me on a long road to recovery. Yes, I’m a sugar addict and I’m fighting an uphill battle even with Primal healthy eating by my side. That’s a symptom of relying on sweets for comfort, entertainment, and reassurance my whole life when so many uncertainties were thrown at me so young. While looking for my miracle cure for weight-loss, I must have read hundreds, maybe thousands, of stories over my lifetime of people who say they were fat because they relied on sweets. I never thought I did. They were just things I liked. No big deal. Recently I’ve gained a new, scary, but empowering perspective on my life.

I didn’t realize what I was facing when I was in elementary school, one of very few mixed race Jewish girls at that Yeshiva. It took me a very long time to understand how much I had internalized from my surroundings and how “unfit” I was to the “ideal” girls and boys at school, mostly white, skinny, rich, and extroverted (i.e. popular). When I say a long time, I mean it took me until within the past year to get a strong grasp on what makes my brain tick. I have very few clear memories of elementary and middle school. I think there’s a reason for that. It made a huge impact on how I view myself today. My brain protected me so I wouldn’t hurt myself either mentally or physically.

Body, again you amaze me, but remembering what was going on would have led to a faster track to recovery. Thanks all the same though.

I hope one day no one struggles with their food and their self-worth. I certainly don’t want any child of mine to have these thoughts. You have to be meticulous when choosing your words. I think that’s what I love about writing; word choice is key. So here is my new conclusion as I’ve been on this journey to becoming healthy and happy: I am beautiful. I am not fat or ugly or worthless. My outer appearance does not dictate my worth. I am worth love and respect. I love myself and all that I have accomplished. I am a perfectly imperfect human being. I am happy with myself.

The above I now know to be true. 🙂 Have a beautiful day! Be kind to yourself and to others!




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