On Today’s Menu: July 1, 2013

Am I really going to tell you what I eat everyday for the rest of my life?


I’m experimenting with my consistency and watching my eating. Weekly I’ve been tracking what I eat on paper and putting it on my fridge. I keep forgetting to write some meals down though, and then I’m scrambling trying to remember what I ate two days prior when I can barely remember breakfast. Well I do remember my breakfast today. At least I always know it’s delicious because I typically make it myself! (We’ll ignore that horribly burnt steak that one time.)

I remember to type things quicker than I remember to jot notes with pen and paper. I may be a 90s kid, but a lot of my conscious growing was, and continues to be, during the age of the Millenials. Just not my music and TV and sexual choices. I don’t need my sitcoms to drive home the point about teen pregnancy by having a pregnant teen every other season. Thanks.

So starting today, July 1, 2013, because why not, I’ll try to track my food and how well I’m doing on my health journey online in my little diary here. There will still be Brenna’s Adventures posts and political spiel and theatre fun and random announcements in my life (WAAAAAHHHH 15 DAYS!!), but let’s see if this can be the one consistent thing I do. Then maybe with my life and my brain organized, I can figure out the common denominator of my blog and see how I can promote it as more than an adolescent’s ramblings. It’s like “Brenna Explains It All” or “Brenna Meets World” or “Boy Meets Brenna” if I want to get schmoopy about it. (Laugh, fellow 90s kids! Laugh!)

Ahem. Back to the point:


  • Breakfast: Sweet Italian sausage; eggs cooked in butter.
  • Snack: Pistachios
  • Dinner: Peach BBQ sliders (cooked in coconut oil) on beds of spring mix greens and spinach with ketchup; sauteed broccoli and cauliflower.

I’d say today gets a pat on the back, especially since I completed my first sprinting session!  🙂 Thought I might drop dead afterwards…totally worth it. I didn’t buy sweet potatoes this round of shopping so I hope the protein was enough fuel. Also, five days sober! Can I go 20 days without sugar on the menu so I can reward myself when vacation rolls around? Let’s see. The biggest deterrent is money. Ice cream isn’t free…cookies during AHM duty are… So if I can’t keep away from the sugar once or twice, I certainly won’t cry over it. I’m very proud of myself right now.


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