On Today’s Menu: July 2, 2013

Went to the Dekalb county tag office first thing in the morning to finally get my car registered, have the title put in my name, and get my new GA plates. Well the plate is very pretty, I’ll give them that. The Ad Valorem Tax or whatever it’s called…significantly uglier.  The regret train pulled up, I was grabbed by a couple of muscular brutes and blindfolded, beaten with a splintered bat, and shoved inside.

At least I wasn’t stuck in the office long…

Other than that, I really didn’t do anything today. Found some final accessories for my POC theme. All that’s left is to take in the gold dress. Just gotta find the funds to take in the dress.

And I read that wonderfully sweet article I posted about. That cheered me up for a while after the misadventures of the tag office. I kind of lost track of my day to the television after that. Bridezillas and the news. Came to the point where I just had to get out of the apartment. I drove to WalMart, looked around, ended the torture of going through the food aisles, went to Kroger, looked around, ended the torture of going through the food aisles, then bought those accessories.

Hey! My Kroger is open 24 hours! Who’s up for some late night pity party So Delicious brand coconut milk frozen dessert!?


  • SNACK: Lara Bar
  • BREAKFAST: Baked BBQ chicken, salad
  • SNACK: Homemade chicken rinds, pepperoni, pasta sauce, glass of water (I didn’t choose the Bachelorette life. The Bachelorette life chose–wait. Yes I did.)
  • DINNER: Italian sweet sausage link, two chunks of mozzarella cheese (Not much dinner, I know, but I forgot that I hadn’t eaten another meal today and was only legitimately hungry after my food curfew. Guys, heartburn scares the crap out of me!)

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