On Today’s Menu: July 3, 2013

I am so desperate to get back to work. Not just because when I work I get paid, but also because when I work I can get out of the apartment! I despise being here the entire day alone. I get so stir crazy I could run screaming into the streets naked just for company and attention. …but for the sake of my safety and keeping in my neighbors’ good graces I’ll avoid that as long as I can. Also, when I go out I can usually handle evenings alone much better than on a day I’ve been in from sunrise to sunset. Luckily on Sunday I’m seeing Les Mis at Twilight Theatre in Peachtree City and catching up with a new friend. Greatly looking forward to that!

The rain kept me from swimming this morning and location kept me from checking out the food trucks. I decided to be crafty today. First I experimented with a new snack by making a magical concoction of honey, butter, and cinnamon in which to mix pistachios. Manuka honey is your friend, folks. Then I got to work on my Princess Daisy brooch. I’m so proud of it! It’s so pretty and sparkly! And now my dining room table is sparkly too…so far I don’t think I’ve ingested much.

Another four and a half hours were spent with the boyfriend playing Arkham Horror. I don’t know what on Earth brings me back to that game time and time again. Must not be an Earth thing. These are Ancient Ones we’re talking about. As long as Cthulu keeps out of my dreams…

To end the night: my recordings from this morning of five episodes of Boy Meets World. I feel like Corey is finally not such a contemptible creature. I guess he can back off now that he swindled his way into getting what he wants, but I just find him much more tolerable. Maybe the sappiness of the romance is getting to me more. It’s punching me really hard in the feels lately. So many feels lately.


  • BREAKFAST: Three BBQ sliders on a bed of lettuce with pickles
  • SNACK: Honey cinnamon pistachios (Absolutely phenomenal invention inspired by the devilishly tempting Cinnabon Almonds I saw in WalMart)
  • DINNER: Three hotdogs, Primal shake

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