On Today’s Menu: July 4, 2013

Oh Thursday. You sure know how to wake a Primal healthy girl up. Happy HIIT day! …I mean that in the most twisted sense of the word “happy”. To give you a sense, here’s my Facebook status from this morning: [I hear people are celebrating today. Me too! Happy HIIT day! (…saying that feels like saying, “Happy Hunger Games!”)]

I’ll fully appreciate what I put my body through one day.

What I love about HIIT days? I don’t feel bad to gorge on meaty carby goodness afterwards. No, I don’t go on a bread, pasta, or pizza binge. I’m talking about my new favorite carb on this planet: SWEET POTATOES! Unfortunately I didn’t buy any this last shopping trip, but next time I’m shopping…oh man oh man! It’s gonna be a treat!

To ensure I wasn’t trapped in the house all day which would lead to another sad evening, I decided to just get up and go. No real plan involved. I just wanted to see what Underground Atlanta and Little Five Points had to offer on this holiday. Both offered treats, though I only accepted a treat from the southern candy store in Underground Atlanta. Fudgey goodness. Haven’t had a brick of fudge since…wherever we were when I got that bead necklace with my name spelled out. That was a loooooooooong time ago. And Little Five was mostly closed up for the holiday. Understandable though still disappointing. However, it made me walk off that fudge. Both also offered a guy who wanted to take me to lunch. Flattered, really, especially because this was a serious dress down day for my face, but does a woman walking alone down the street scream desperation for a man’s company? Can people walk around alone in peace or is that such a foreign concept? Because honestly, I enjoy my own company when I take walks. Thanks, but no thanks.

Got home and felt like I still hadn’t celebrated like all my Facebook friends out with their families today. There was no way I could, but I didn’t want to feel left out. So I cooked up some grill foods and a healthy side salad, got myself to Kroger for some ice cream, and went to town all by myself in my living room. All I was missing was sunshine to make the holiday feeling complete!

Happy today to everyone who is celebrating! Enjoy the fireworks!


  • BREAKFAST: 3 egg omelet with sausage, tomatoes, onions, and cheese; Bottle of water
  • SNACK: A block of freshly made chocolate pecan fudge.
  • DINNER: Two sliders, two hot dogs, a bowl of salad
  • DESSERT: Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream with honey cinnamon pistachios. (Positively divine for that slightly salted taste mixed with creamy rich sweetness of this top of the line ice cream.)

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