On Today’s Menu: July 5, 2013

Slow days mean I don’t need to eat much to get by. Which means I’ve got a TON of food in my fridge to last me through July and will only require a small trip after vacation to replenish veggies! I love being a fat burning beast!

Slow days also mean I accomplished nothing of great import. I wrote a blog post that needed to go up. I…cooked one meal. There. Two things I accomplished on this rainy dreary day. More good news: I got another work shift! That’s $45ish more than I would’ve had. And with more slow days maybe my meat gathering for July could last into August. Woo! I have a LOT of chicken, I don’t know what possessed me.

Now I have to ween myself off of a Walking Dead marathon adrenaline high and pray I don’t have nightmares. So excited to catch up though!


  • BREAKFAST: Baked chicken.
  • SNACK: Honey cinnamon pistachios. I had so few I didn’t even know if it should count. But if I ate, I claim it.
  • DINNER: Primal shake.
  • SNACK: Stick of cheese.

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