On Today’s Menu: July 6, 2013

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday.

I got out of the house for like 7 hours! Felt like I was still in the house, but still so much better…because I wasn’t in the house. 🙂 Another slow Saturday Day Box. I’m not complaining about that. Thought I ran into a few snags, but everything worked itself  out. Well, everything except the woman from out of town who was calling to reserve tickets, but we got disconnected and she never called back to give me the payment for the tickets. We don’t reserve seats without payment.

I hope she isn’t disappointed.

On the way home I wanted fries. There were fries in the fridge, but they weren’t mine so I didn’t touch them. Doesn’t mean I didn’t crave some instantly. So I figured since the fridge is a little light on sides, I’ll make some burgers and just buy some fries as a side for the homemade burgers. Didn’t turn out that way. Wendy’s food is super inexpensive so I figured what the hell. Got a small burger and large fries since that’s what I really wanted anyway. Seemed smaller than I remember…maybe because I didn’t get a regular sized burger and because I stopped eating the buns. More room in my stomach for the food on my plate. That’s why I try to make what I eat count. Too bad I’ll never be back to the Wendy’s right next door. Their service suuuuucked.

Finished off the night with ending The Walking Dead Season 2 (any spoilers for season 3 and I’ll hunt you down) and then talking to the folks on Google chat. Yay! I like talking to the folks. Fun stuff and those life lesson kinda things all bundled into one. I was wrong though. I said I had nothing to do tomorrow. WRONG. Forgot I’m seeing Les Mis Sunday night!!! THEN I’ll have nothing to do. 🙂


  • BREAKFAST: Baked bbq chicken; two eggs sunnyside up
  • LUNCH: Primal shake
  • DINNER: Wendy’s jr cheeseburger deluxe; large fries

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