Illegal 4th of July Car Search – Don’t Let It Happen To You

This video was in my Facebook News Feed. It makes me feel ill. Some of the comments serve to make me feel worse. Pardon the language.

You’re absolutely right! Assholes giving crap to cops! People die from drinking and driving every day!! Innocent people dying!! We need to have check points at every on ramp! This will employ more people and make more cops so we’ll all be safer! Also, it should be MANDATORY that your car is searched, this way everyone is much safer. I mean if it’s my kid that could get killed and just 1 of the check point(at every on-ramp) catches the guy that would have killed my kid, GOOD!!

Fucking kids testing rights. Stop being a fucking douce and listen to the officer

he wasn’t 100% right. He was being an asshole ON PURPOSE BECAUSE HE WAS FILMING. He brought it on himself. While he’s not under any obligation to roll his window down, he escalated the situation by being a douche. He’s giving the cops a reason to start hunting for other reasons to charge him with something, or don’t you get that? You Oather whackos don’t get the whole “choose your battles” thing. Kinda like explaining splitting votes to libertarians. ugh!

Oh my heavy heart. Please love and respect your inalienable human rights, not to mention your dignity. However, I understand it can’t be easy when a thug with a badge and a gun is yelling at you. I’m glad there are men and women brave enough to capture these egregious unjust acts at the risk of their safety and the safety of their property.

Thanks to Amanda BillyRock for sharing this video!


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