On Today’s Menu: July 8, 2013

I’m surprised I’ve finally stopped crying after last night’s performance of Les Mis. Oh good. It’s safe to wear eyeliner again. I didn’t post yesterday’s menu here because my computer was being silly so it’s only posted on my Facebook. Now if I were some famous blogger, I might have a public Facebook page. Wouldn’t that be something! To summarize yesterday’s menu:

  • SNACK: LaraBar
  • BREAKFAST: A sausage link, pepperoni, 2 eggs scrambled, a stick of cheese
  • SNACK – Honey pistachios
  • LUNCH – Burger with pickles
  • SNACK – Frozen yogurt (more than I should have, I immediately noticed)

Yeah, lots of snacking. I want to blame it on that lovely time of month that’s rolling around. (You didn’t need to know that, I’m sure.) Before I start blaming that though, I also sadly consider the option that my old ways are so ingrained in my body that even when I rightfully treat myself, I’m on the edge of falling off the wagon all together. That’s a really sucky option to consider.

On to today’s tale.

Sprint day! After a little adventure to find a closer park, I found Hairston Park about 7 minutes away. Muuuuuuch closer than going all the way to Inman Park for a 3 minute sprint session. It’s smaller though. No big deal so long as there is room to run. Took a few tries to find a good place to run. I had to go back home to change into sneakers since the grass was wet in most places. Still managed to run into two mud puddles. Awesome. Stuck to the pavement after that. I sprinted at least four times so that’s two minutes of an all out run, passersby be damned!

After that I tried calling Comcast to lower my bill to the other promo offer I was given in May. It’d save me $50/mo. Nope. But I got free HBO for 6 months. So I fought off another bout of regret by going to WalMart, Kroger, and Pet Supermarket and asking if they were hiring. I figured it’d feel better than the anonymous online nonsense. Nope. They sent me to their websites to do more of the anonymous online nonsense. Still, I felt better somehow. I’m hopeful that Pet Supermarket might call back. The woman said the application pops up within minutes. Well she saw my face today and they’re not getting a lot more applications so maybe she can match a face to a name…I don’t know. I’m trying to ride this feeling for a while.

Not easy when afterwards there is nothing else you feel like doing that doesn’t involve a lot of energy use. I think it’s still been a productive day. Funny how I can be cheered up in an instant from a simple text message. 😛 8 DAYS!! We’re in single digits baby!


  • BREAKFAST: Tomato and cucumber salad; sausage link
  • SNACK: LaraBar (gosh they’re good!)
  • DINNER: Hamburger on spring mix greens; baked chicken leg; pickles

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