On Today’s Menu: July 9, 2013

Today is my first day of being extremely frugal with my utilities. I’m investigating how to lower my bill realistically. Some things are static, but utilities remains a dynamic variable. I’m going to play around with that. It went really well today! My computer was on for no more than maybe two hours total. I occupied myself with a run to the bank and some household chores that didn’t require hot water or electricity (natural light in the apartment is free and quite soothing if I may be honest). All of my dishes are clean at the same time for the first time since moving! The whole place looks like it did the weekend I moved in, if not slightly more organized. I love it!

I also switched out my Jersey plate for my Georgia plate. It was a surprisingly difficult task. I felt extremely homesick for a few minutes. Once I took care of everything that didn’t involve utilities, I made brunch, showered, and bought the six flags tickets for next week. It’s becoming so real as I count down! If I didn’t have work to distract me, I’d be freaking out all over the place…oh hell, I’m still freaking out all over the place, just in sporadic bursts instead of a steady stream of squeeee’ing.

Work certainly had me distracted today. It. Was. Insane. Really the issue was all the cash sales for the preview show of Every Tongue Confess tonight. I couldn’t keep up so Kristen, the staff on duty, told me to switch with her. She’s a pro at Tessitura. I’m still learning. She was really nice about it though, which I endlessly appreciate. I keep thinking if it were a place in NJ, I’d be fired at the starting line. People in NJ can learn a lot from the residents of Georgia. Just saying. No one’s perfect, but friendliness always wins over being a jerk. ::cough::themanagersatlegalseafoodsintheshorthillsmall::cough:: No, but seriously, don’t ever go to Legal Seafoods at the Short Hills mall in NJ. They’re disgusting businessmen.

Now to the menu for today. I’m not proud, but I’ve been finding it terribly interesting since I started even jotting my food on paper to notice what went on during a day and how it correlates to what I eat. I interpret today as a high stress, hormones out of balance, terribly excitable Brenna day. Not an excuse, but I know how I react to these feelings. I look forward to reading over these posts and noting the level of stress and activity and what I ate on those days. I always remember even on days like this — or maybe especially on days like this — that no matter what, Primal health has been the best thing I could do for myself. I would be worse off today without this change. My body is ready to fight on tomorrow. Every day is a new day to start off right.


  • BRUNCH: Three eggs scrambled with pepperoni and cheese; two sausages
  • SNACKS: Mini cupcakes (from Madison as a gift for her last staff meeting with us) (2 1/2), LaraBar, Three Musketeers bar

Like I said, I’m not proud. I had one and a half mini cupcakes around 5:45, came back to the office after box duty around 8:20 and had the second cupcake, things were further going haywire with Box and I had the LaraBar, left feeling totally unsure of the evening and had the chocolate bar. Funny, I didn’t react to the cupcakes, but the chocolate bar gave me a headache and a side cramp. Hmm…

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