On Today’s Menu: July 10, 2013

Happy two month Georgia-versary!

Busy work around the house again today. Yay! Went to Kroger pharmacy, stopped by Angie Beauty for that dollar hair flower I thought about getting last time, and then went to Dollar General for command strips and tape. Decided to be Mrs. Fix-it in the apartment. My clock went up, my jewelry rack that I got like 3 years ago for my birthday went up, my calendar went up. I sorted through tangled necklaces and started hanging my jewelry. Said no to candy bars AND LaraBars. All before brunch. Very productive morning and all done without boosting my gas and electric usage. This being frugal idea is working out really well! My projected bill went down!

Had another fun encounter with a persistent creeper at MARTA. Oh dear. Such flattery is going to make an ego-maniac out of me. Also had a good day at work. Much smoother than last night. Not sure why. I guess there were fewer door sales than I thought there’d be. I’m also definitely getting the hang of sales in Tessitura. Now it’s the little details and discoveries I look forward to that will make work that much easier. Back to AHM tomorrow and all the mental challenges that come with setting up a concession stand. Wish me luck!

After work I felt legitimately hungry. Not one of those boredom hungers. It was a pang of productiveness using up my stores of energy and I was glad to make a decision about how to deal with it. Not the best food, but on my budget, I made it work. I’m no longer famished and I won’t wake up starving and grabbing at whatever I can find. Little victories for the win!

Finished the night with a Skype chat with the boyfriend. There really isn’t a better way to end such a lovely day…unless he were actually here with me. Soon…soon…

Happy two months in Georgia! Incredible how much one can learn in a matter of weeks. …speaking of time passing by (flying, I should say)… SIX DAYS!!!!!!!


  • BRUNCH: Baked chicken, scrambled eggs (garlic and cinnamon – you’d think it would taste weird, but it’s actually delicious)
  • LUNCH: Primal shake
  • DINNER: Wendy’s (2 jr. cheeseburgers and value fries – no bun of course)

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