On Today’s Menu: July 12, 2013

Every morning should start with a trip to the Farmer’s Market. It’s simply the best way I’ve ever started my day. Now there is fresh produce ready to be transformed into deliciousness! I’m planning on a big cooking day on Monday. But not the usual cooking like meats and such. This is more prep for just in case the boyfriend and I don’t feel like spending all of our vacation money on dining out. He doesn’t believe me, but I’m becoming a mighty fine cook if I do say so myself. Bought some peaches and bananas and strawberries, sweet potatoes, red onions, carrots, spinach, lemons, limes, a jalapeno pepper (for the next recipe in my Primal Challenge (you thought I forgot, didn’t you? You probably forgot. Haha!), and I think that’s it. It was all just about $30! And that’s like 2/3 of my regular groceries! All I needed other than that would be the meats and eggs and a couple more veggies. I know where I’m shopping from now on. Sorry, Kroger. I’ll come back every now and then for the fuel points. 😉

I’ll skip straight to tonight because it was another afternoon of busywork. Really I was searching for coconut flour. And doing dishes. And taking a nap through a thunderstorm. A raging thunderstorm. That was my afternoon.

Tonight was the official opening of Every Tongue Confess! Yay! And I got to work despite four inches of water outside my door and my area being in a flash flood warning! Yay! And there was an opening night party! Yay…? Well, not yay for my food intake. It was going so well… I really thought I was going to make it tonight. This time the red wine did me in. You know how some people have to break smoking habits by relearning to do everyday tasks without a cigarette? I need to learn how to drink without eating. The two seriously cannot be separated in my brain. And when an opening night party with cake and cookies is involved, it gets ugly really quickly. I came home so bloated and my head was pounding. But the party was still nice and the show went well. Having a name tag made me feel super official. 🙂 And there were so many nice patrons, and  the host is a positively lovely woman, and my co-workers are fantastic, and I really felt part of the theatre tonight. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye in May. I’m very attached to this place.

There’s no matinee performance tomorrow! I can sleep in! Thank goodness. I’m going to need it. And maybe an IF day. My body has a lot of sugar to process before I give it anything else. Maybe just a Primal Shake before I leave for work. We’ll see. I’m tired of writing about failing when I’m always on the cusp of success. My health is key. You’d think that would be enough of a fire under my butt, but I’m still exploring these mental battles. The physical change is evident; the mental stuff is a work in progress. But I’m only 6 months into a full lifestyle revision. I hereby cut myself some slack. 🙂


(“You eat it, you own it.” – Brenna)

  • LUNCH: Salad, hamburgers with pickles, strawberries
  • DINNER: Chicken wings
  • SNACK: LaraBar, wine, a bunch of little cookies and a bunch of slices of cake

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