On Today’s Menu: July 15, 2013


That is all.

Sprinting this morning wasn’t so bad. I guess that means I could’ve pushed one more 30 second run in, but I was feeling a little dizzy. This was after I ate the LaraBar to fuel myself. That was a whole other debate in itself. I was only conflicted because I feel like I’ve had a lot of fruit lately and I know I don’t need all that fructose in my life. But at the same time, I’m clearly doing something right. I tried on a shirt yesterday that I didn’t always like to wear because it squeezed my arms right beneath my armpit. Guess what. Not anymore it doesn’t! Tried on a tee shirt I usually save for workout days because it’s kind of big on me. Guess what. Now it’s grotesquely big on me! ::pats back:: But I won’t get rid of it because it’s my Stage Struck Kids Performing Arts Camp shirt. I miss SSKPAC. That’s where my true love of theatre began.

Today is for prepping. Dishes. Laundry. Cooking. Baking. It passes the time and it makes me feel good to know I have immediately edible and ready things in the apartment. Something tells me I’m going to want to treat myself. Now its almost free! 😀 Well, it cost me like 6 or 7 hours of my time, but it was time well spent. I really need more coconut flour though. Curse you Whole Foods for being all the way in Atlanta proper! Also in preparation for…well, I guess in prep for the rest of my stay in Georgia, my energy bill is down another $2 I think! And it has not entirely been an inconvenience. I recommend this frugal strategy to anyone living off of a part-time job alone.

Although we won’t be having our dinner date tomorrow night, I got to see my southern belle Julie today! She’s great to have conversations with. Whether we agree or not, they’re always enlightening. I just wish I could meet the family and the infamous nephew from the wallet. I realized I needed time out of the apartment. I would’ve found what to do, but getting out of these four walls is vital to my health. And seeing my friends from up north when they are conveniently down south is fantastic. Yay! Great way to end the day…now I just have to manage to get to sleep somehow… did I mention that GRJUNFIUDL;FJUIE;PBHGUREL;DGUEILPBUFHUIGETTOSEEMYBOYFRIENDTOMORROWNBDUFALIBUYIELBFOUHBJGIBFLOTGF?? Because I do. 🙂


  • LUNCH: Two eggs scrambled with mashed sweet potatoes
  • DINNER: Meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Carrot Cake cupcake and lemon brownies (They were taste tests…delicious taste tests.)

Happy 7 month Primal-versary! Not a bad way to celebrate at all!

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