On Today’s Menu: July 16, 2013


I couldn’t sleep past 6:30 so I started doing the last bits of dishes and laundry. Goodness there was more of that than I thought there would be. I guess that makes sense with dishes when there’s still meals to eat. Y’know what? Can’t blame an excited girl for not making sense. Did you see the first line of this post?

Last thing before leaving the house was to make up that pancoin batter. So worth finishing off the coconut flour. I really ought to find more though…curse you again, Whole Foods! Then after a forty-five minute MARTA trip and a fidgety half hour of looking for the correct baggage claim without knowing the flight number, THE BOYFRIEND ARRIVED!! So it’s a much more cozier Georgia stay. Happy vacation! POC IS IN TWO DAYS!! EVEN MORE SO MUCH JOY!

We went to Wendy’s for lunch, chilled around the apartment, bought some junk, chose Bruster’s ice cream over Vortex for dinner (a mighty fine choice) and he tried to get me to watch Big Bang Theory. I tried! I swear! But it looks like ending the night with more chilling is peeeeeeeeerfect.

…I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!


  • BREAKFAST: 2 slices of meatloaf and 2 eggs scrambled.
  • LUNCH: Wendy’s double burger and medium fries
  • SNACK: A few of lemon brownies and carrot cake cupcakes, bruster’s ice cream (waffle cone)

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