On Today’s Menu: July 23, 2013

Play On Con was an incredible success! The whole vacation was the best week of my life! Not much time to write about my food and there was no internet at the 4H Center so I couldn’t tell you exactly what I ate. I can tell you this: I probably ate 65/35 Primal this week. Had waffles and pancakes a couple of times for breakfast, but lunch and dinner were almost always protein and veggies or fries. My parents’ awesome friends actually cooked for us. Mostly Primal acceptable. Yay! And I had eggs and meat with my waffles. Thanks Waffle House! And I experienced s’mores for the first time yesterday! …and the most epic version of s’mores…KRISPY KREME DONUT S’MORES!! Eat your heart out! …literally!

I dropped the boyfriend off at the airport this morning. It was the most miserable trip I’ve ever taken in my life. The moment the airport was in sight I couldn’t stop tearing. And when he got on the line for the security checkpoint? Forget about it! I was gone. Cried the entire ride back. Just before my stop, a woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was alright. She said, “Whatever it is, it’ll be okay.” Faith in humanity = restored. But I still feel like running into the middle of 285 or 78. I’m not even looking forward to work tomorrow. I had another pair of s’mores today in memory of our glorious vacation.

I spent today continuing my Walking Dead marathon because during my sad girl nap when I got back to the apartment I had a Walking Dead themed dream. That’s a great way to kill a few hours. I considered taking a walk afterwards, but the sky scared me away. Turned out to be a good thing. I ended up in a very interesting Skype chat with the boyfriend and Casey who I haven’t seen in over two months! T’was a very interesting Skype chat indeed. Games make me happy. And friends. Friends make me happy too.


  • BREAKFAST: Slice of coconut crust meatloaf
  • SNACK: White and milk chocolate tuttle
  • SNACK: Two s’mores, chocolate squares
  • LUNCH: BBQ ribs and french fries
  • SNACK: Carrot Cake Cupcake

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