On Today’s Menu: July 24, 2013

I really need to find better ways to occupy my time. An entire morning and afternoon of The Walking Dead is great and all, but there must be a better way! …I’ll find it after I finish season 3.

So good news! I have a job interview on Friday for Pet Supermarket! More good news! I’m getting some more hours tonight at the theatre to help Kate while she steps in for the sick lightboard op. Scary news…that means more late seating people which I didn’t do so well last time. You have to learn somewhere, right?

I’ve also gathered what I believe are still returnable items from Dollar General and Walmart. So I can get like $4 back. Yay! Considering how fast I blew through a pretty big sum of money this weekend, I’ll take what I can get. Wow! It still amazes me, but it was all spent well. I’m especially glad the boyfriend and I went halvsies on a card game and its expansion called We Didn’t Playtest This At All. It’ll be so much better with a group of people. He’ll have to report back to me on their next game night.

I spent the entire day freaking out about this late seating business or distracting myself from freaking out about it by watching The Walking Dead. Well wouldn’t you know this was the smoothest day I’ve ever seen at the theatre! No late comers and no fussy people. A lovely evening of theatre! Staying late to take out trash and clean up is totally worth the extra hours. šŸ™‚ Well I say that now. I’ll see how I feel after waking up bright and early for HIIT Thursday…hopefully early enough to catch a shower before management at the apartment complex shuts off water for the whole day. Harumph.


  • BREAKFAST: 3 eggs scramble and coconut chicken
  • SNACK: Lemon brownies (I finally finished them!)
  • DINNER: Coconut meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Yogurt and sip of bourbon and lemonade (for shiggles…because I didn’t eat any cookies once again!)

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