On Today’s Menu: July 25, 2013

Despite the warning on the piece of paper crunched up next to my doorknob last night stating we would have no water from 8am – 6pm, I still attempted to use water multiple times this morning. Believe it or not, it didn’t work. Huh. So I nixed my HIIT for today since I couldn’t shower afterwards. But still managed to get ready for lunch with K-Jam! I’d heard of Urban pL8, but I thought it was just a paleo meal delivery place. I had no idea it was a restaurant too! And an awesome one at that! I had paleo lasagna which used zucchini instead of pasta. Delicious! (Sorry, mom. It really was yummy.) We chatted and she’s lovely and I got to meet her guinea pigs and it was a wonderful afternoon all around!

Then I got to prep for work. Yes, part of this preparation included spending forty minutes watching another episode of The Walking Dead. I hate that I love that show so much. Apparently some kind of filming is happening tomorrow at Inman Park! The street parking is blocked. Can’t wait to see what that’s about. Maybe I’ll get snagged off the street to play a bit role. Oooooh!

Work was much less eventful than my dreams of grandeur on the way to work. LaWanda was our HM tonight. It’s very interesting to compare how two people do the same task. Very interesting indeed. And because of the odd way my day was staged, I kind of felt hungry before leaving for work, but also didn’t. There wasn’t time to eat and I don’t think I could’ve eaten much. I don’t know. It was weird. I would’ve had a salad, but I found living grossness in my tomatoes. ::gagchokedie:: I ended up snagging a small, misshapen chocolate chunk cookie from concessions. It was scrumptious as always. At least I only had the one.

Also, while I was finishing up today, I had a great idea for a video for TOTs!  …I’ll keep it under wraps for when I finally get those videos rolling. I think I want to do a full on online theatre classroom. No excuses now since my parents brought down the cords left in my room. …boy I really hope they’re the right ones. You know what else? I was feeling really depressed on the ride home from work. Writing this post cheered me up. Seeing my utilities bill drop by $58.84 helped with that too. It might keep me away from NJ and the boyfriend and my friends and family longer, but I feel like I’m in a good place. If I can nail this job interview tomorrow, that would make me feel even better!


  • LUNCH: Paleo coconut shrimp and zucchini lasagna
  • SNACK: Raisins, LaraBar, cookie

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