On Today’s Menu: July 26, 2013

Well today started off productively. Got up. Showered. Returned some unused POC items and got like $2.66 back. Woo! Finished catching up with The Walking Dead. (Dear sweet baby Jesus my feels!) Got ready for my job interview. See? Lots of doing and nice and productive.

The interview was weeeeeird. I got to the store and no one was within sight to greet me. Weird since every Pet Supermarket I’ve ever been to has had someone right at the door front. Maybe that’s why they need to hire people…? Then when someone finally came around and asked if I needed help, I told them I was there for an interview. She checked her folder and first thought I was supposed to be there an hour ago. As I stand there silently freaking out with a smile on my face, she confirmed that it was a Breanna (sp??) that was supposed to be there rather than me. Damn you again name! So I finally get taken back to the…I guess you call it an office. The poor busy woman was running in and out, telling people what to do, helping people with other things, and probably wishing she could pull her hair out. So we finally got to the interview which she introduced as being “quick and painless”. That in itself made me nervous, but I think I got through it alright. Might’ve rambled despite her saying “quick”. Oops. But I got caught up on some weird questions like what retail store have you been to that you didn’t like.

But they were very nice about the chaos so I still left feeling winded but semi-confident.

I decided to check out the filming that was supposed to be happening in Inman Park today. Missed it. Figures. So I went to lunch earlier and had like three hours to kill at Zesto in Little Five. Won’t be going there for actual food ever again.I passed the last hour at Rag-O-Rama looking at dresses I didn’t end up buying. Good for me! That’s more money sticking to my wallet! Although one dress I tried on was pretty hot. If it weren’t so close to nude color…and nude fit…I might’ve gotten it. Only $12.50. I love thrift stores.

Work went smooth as ever yet again. And once again I caved to a cookie. Odd. Well, the rest of the day wasn’t nearly as smooth. I’m disliking this slope that has me snatched up in its gravity. Better get some hill sprints going. …metaphors are the best…but seriously, I need to find a good hill for hill sprints so my ankles don’t snap again.

Anyway, topped off the day with a Skype date. Win. Which goes to show…well, it goes to show a lot of things I don’t feel like talking about now. I just really hope I get this job, it doesn’t suck, and things turn out for the best. That’s all. It’s been a day. Let’s shake it off and move on. “It takes 32 muscles to frown, but only 17 to smile!” …Thank you old school TV while watching my neighbor’s cat.


  • BREAKFAST: Meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Raisins and walnuts
  • LUNCH: Zesto’s double burger with pickles and onions (NOTHING ELSE BUT CONDIMENTS!), fries, coleslaw, and an arctic swirl
  • SNACK: Cookie

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