On Today’s Menu: July 27, 2013

Have I already mentioned that there seems to be something heinous about eating eggs and chicken on the same plate? Because it’s true. Seems to be one step more cruel to cook the eggs in the fat of a chicken. Sinfully sweet.

After breakfast in front of the TV and showering and such I started my day. It could’ve started better. Stupid speeding ticket. At least the kiiiiiiiiind officer bumped the number down so I wouldn’t get points. Well isn’t he just a generous Nazi? No, I’m not grateful to him. If he wants me to be grateful, then don’t pull me over for NOT harming anyone. kthxbai. Almost made me late for work…jackass. I understand I won’t see the day the world changes for the better in a big way, but I sure hope my kids see it and don’t suffer such humiliation. I hate police officers. And I hate quota week. Adding that to my list of woes for the week made for a furious, melancholy Brenna.

But work was good. Went nice and smoothly. I had to late seat patrons for the matinee and the evening performance. And I managed it! Also managed to stuff my face with a rooster cookie during the matinee and snatch a chocolate chunk afterwards. I nibbled on it while venting to the boyfriend on the phone in the park during my break. I do adore that man who manages to just about always recognize when I’m upset. Even through text! I didn’t have any compulsion to eat a cookie after we talked, a sure sign that I felt better. Got to Skype date again too! Yay! Bad mood disappeared! Hello and welcome back will power and control over my emotions!

My mom is coming back to Atlanta in a few days!! I’m going to be 23 in just over a week! …whoa! This is the first time I’ve been this close to my birthday and kind of forgot about it. Maybe one day it will be possible to throw me a surprise party again. Happened once. When I was like 9 or 10. At the Jewish day camp I went to. Good times.

So about that gluten free birthday cake…


  • BREAKFAST: 2 scrambled eggs cooked in chicken fat, coconut chicken, and mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: 2 cookies (This is when the feels hit me hard)
  • SNACK: Cheese

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