On Today’s Menu: July 28, 2013

I thought I was going to take a walk this morning. Figuring out how to get the best burlesque experience for me and my family when they come down in four days was more important. Plus I got to Skype with my parents, which is always nice.  And finally watched that reaction video of kids who saw the Cheerios commercial with the interracial couple. No segue, but I had the funniest, strangest thought yesterday. I was talking to someone and as I looked at her, I realized that she is a resident of Georgia. She lives in Georgia and the only way I can be talking to her face to face is by being in Georgia too. I live in Georgia. Weird. One of those metacognitive moments.

So let’s stop making people think Brenna is high. Moving right along. I had to get back in the box office groove at work today. I hadn’t done performance box in like two weeks. But despite doing the steps out of order and reacquainting myself with Tessitura, today went very smoothly at work. A nice way to end the work week. Lots of hours too! Yeeeeeah buddy! I was really afraid I would be overwhelmed with crises. I’m really getting the hang of Tess. I can even help the new box guy with questions. Score!

I was staaaarving after work. Definitely didn’t eat enough before hand. But I didn’t have any cookies! Or any other kind of snack things except my yogurt. Mmmmmm…yogurt…. Waited to go to Sonic for a BOGO burger and tots. I was excited beyond belief and then terribly disappointed. Large tots is a rip off. Went to Burger King just for fries. Nope. Large any side seems to be a rip off anywhere but Wendy’s. Huh. There weren’t even any bag tots. So sad. But the bright side is that I got home at the same time the shows have been starting all weekend. Such a glorious feeling. So I watched TV and chilled on the couch and the computer. Took a look at some old story plots. I should get back to working on some of those. Walking the grass path across Inman Park made me hanker for some adventure!


  • BREAKFAST: spinach and carrot salad
  • SNACK: Yogurt with honey and stevia
  • DINNER: Two Sonic burgers, tots, and fries.

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