Thank you, Dekalb police! Thank you police everywhere!

I’m paying for my speeding ticket online because I was told I could do so. This should avoid having to go to court and waste my gas and my time and everyone else’s time. So the admirable state of Georgia just wanted to make sure I didn’t forget how important it is for “public defenders” to get paid and tacked on a court fee…to my ONLINE payment. What that means is Officer Dunkin’ is ignorant, I actually thought to listen to what a police officer said, and now I paid an additional service fee so I could still go to court regardless.

Do you think what I did is worth $155 and potentially going without food a few days next month?

Mind you, no one was hurt in this incident. The little check boxes even say so! ACCIDENT: No. INJURIES: No. FATALITIES: No. …But she toooootally could’ve hurt someone driving 58 in a 40…with one other car on the road beside her. We definitely need to charge her for not hurting anyone but possibly hurting someone.

So while you’re at it, you should go ahead and charge every person who ever screamed at someone for aggravated assault because heaven knows they have anger issues and the next step is a knife to the throat. Also go ahead and charge every nanny or house keeper with theft because there is a distinct possibility they could wipe your house clean because you let them in the door. Don’t even get me started on those goddamn gun owners!

Hi there, Minority Report!

Thank you, oh wonderful and necessary government. Because you didn’t like my driving that didn’t hurt anybody, my hard work last week working every shift and even staying late for two of those shifts is now worthless.

Thank you.



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