On Today’s Menu: July 30, 2013

Like I said, I rolled out of bed, showered, dressed, and walked.  I underestimated how long it takes to actually walk out of the apartment complex. It’s a good 9 or so minutes to just reach the end of the front driveway. So I walked about 16 minutes and didn’t reach any of the stores on Memorial Drive before turning around to complete the half hour power walk. A lot of cars were honking as they passed me. Mind you, I’m wearing a sports tank top and jeans. I’m no lady of the evening. It was weird. I was also starving because I didn’t eat before I left. I didn’t think I would need to. Maybe that added to my annoyance about the honking. I ate when I got back and then went to the library for another two and a half hours. I love this writing kick. I hope it lasts because I’m remembering how proud I am of U:RS. 😀

I tried finding Jimmy John’s sandwich place, but I didn’t want to pay for parking so I just went to Dairy Queen for their $5 lunch special. Forgot it included a sundae. I could’ve said no thank you, I suppose. I didn’t. And they made the burger so pretty I couldn’t even separate the bun. Well I took the bottom bun off and used the top one as an edible plate. Tore the unnecessary edges off. I always find it interesting to see my reaction to wheat. I don’t know why. It’s not a good reaction.

I went back to the apartment and finally got to some dishes. I need to get this place clean by Thursday! Mama is coming!! Then I remembered Dominoes pizza has a 50% all pizza orders online deal so I bought 3 small gluten free pizzas. Chewy just before unpleasant and yummy tasting crust. I would definitely buy it again…at half price. Not paying $11 for a small pizza. Luckily these should last me a while. I thought ahead since the asshats from the Georgia police now have 3/4 of my best paycheck. Please call already, Pet Supermarket! I know Dominoes is hiring delivery drivers…but…I mean…y’know?

I watched TV and ate dinner and then perused the interwebz. Also played with some ideas for TOTs videos. I’d like to organize it into a curriculum-esque based site, but I have a feeling it’ll be all out of sorts anyway. Videos viewed in different orders. No big deal. I’d like to appeal to what people are interested in seeing. That’s where learning happens: when interest is piqued. So we’ll see how that goes.

Oh, and if you’re not following my theatre advocacy blog yet, you totally should be. 🙂 http://www.thetheatrespace.wordpress.com. Enjoy!


  • BREAKFAST: BBQ chicken and a Primal shake
  • LUNCH: DQ burger, fries, a sprite, and a strawberry sundae
  • DINNER: 4 pieces of small gluten free pizza (one pepperoni and beef, one Hawaiian, two pepperoni and onion)

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