On Today’s Menu: July 31, 2013

Another exciting day…

Well I did go back to the library! I’m working on a chapter daily of U:RS and then working on more notes for EPICDS. That seems to be what my brain can handle since it takes me about an hour and a half just to read through a chapter. Have I mentioned I’m a slow reader? It’s been a frustrating fact my whole life. But as long as the work gets done, I’m a happy girl. Stayed at the library about two hours today.

I got home and ate lunch and got to more dishes and laundry. I’d like this place to look decent when my mom arrives tomorrow. OHMYGODMYFAMILYISCOMINGTOMORROW!! I keep thinking I need to put together some kind of agenda, but I tried that for when the boyfriend came over and that didn’t work so well. I still regret that we didn’t do laser tag on hindsight. It was cheeeeeeeap! The rain really turned me off. Plus the fact that he was leaving the next morning. Super bummer on my mood.

Anyway! …No, that was about it for my day. Watched TV. Ate dinner. Worried about Pet Supermarket calling back. Worried about eating so much pizza. Paid my rent. Got hit on by another guy while on the way to pay my rent. I guess I don’t need even eyeliner to look pretty. That’s a good feeling. Posted to TOTs. Started planning out my TOTs curriculum.

Yup. That does it. …MYFAMILYISCOMINGTOMORROW!! And after seeing the updates on the Atlanta Burlesque and Cabaret Society meeting’s facebook page, I kinda still want to go to that on top of the Syrens of the South 6th birthday show Saturday. Options can be nice!


  • LUNCH: 3 pieces of GF pizza
  • SNACK: Coconut shavings, honey, and cinnamon
  • DINNER: 3 pieces of GF pizza
  • SNACK: Carrot sticks and honey mustard dressing (Steve’s Paleo Goods)

Can you tell it’s the end of the month and time to go grocery shopping? Well, it is. Hellooooooo Dekalb Farmers Market!


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