On Today’s Menu: August 1, 2013

A month of general consistency! I’ve been keeping tabs of my food intake for one month now and only missed the weekend of POC because there was no internet. I can tell you right now just as I did in that post that my Primal standing was a little better than half and half. When I splurged, I splurged hard. When I didn’t, I was very good. So I won’t berate myself for that. I feel like my health is still on track. I like looking at the meals in listed form. I’ve been pretty consistent I think (I’ll look back and check) which means on days I’m feeling really positive, I can see why, and on days where I’m feeling like a ate every cookie and sweet treat I could get my grubby hands on, I realize I really didn’t. Yay! So cheers to you, July! You have been very good to me overall. I’ll forgive the speeding ticket and let August take the blame for that since it affects my August budget.

I got back into HIIT this morning. I was sweating, but I wasn’t hurting as badly. I skipped the ab exercises since I was feeling a little off. I felt a little dizzy and my stomach was clearly telling me not to ingest much of anything. I ate breakfast just so I could at least workout a little. To make up for doing fewer exercises, I gave myself much less rest time between each. It’s supposed to be a short burst of high intensity so the minute long breaks aren’t helping. My sweat smelled like pizza. :-/

Then I showered, filled my gas tank, and went to the library. Got through another chapter! It’s the end of the exposition and time to get to the meaty stuff. Four and a half chapters of exposition isn’t bad for a fantasy novel, right? I have a whole other world to explain. And this poor girl has so much sudden responsibility. Oh Robyn. Hardships are coming your way, deary.

There was a lot of time to pass between coming home and when MY MOM AND GRANDMA AND GREAT-AUNTIE ARRIVED!!!!!! I used it as an opportunity to do anything but eat since I knew I wasn’t hungry. I had a carb load up from the last two day. I made some lemon garlic crock pot chicken and did some laundry and hand washed dishes and watched Madeline. Oh the feels. I have not had so many feels in my whole life since I moved to Atlanta. Dear lord! Everything wants to make me cry these days. Not always in a bad way. Not even usually in a bad way.

So finally THE GODDESSES ARRIVED!!!!!!!!! The hotel is so close! We went to dinner at Outback right next door. We’re saving BBQ for tomorrow probably. And shopping. And whatever else they’d like to do while we’re together down here. They got me lovely housewarming gifts too! Can’t wait to set up what looks like an incense plate/zen stone garden and to use my new kitchen towels. I really did need more. One pair has a bunny on it. Which is funny if you know my family calls me Bunny. And now you do. So you can giggle and “aw”. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

That’s all you get. You’re reading this. You can pause where you need to. Anyway, dinner was delicious and informative as my auntie took proactive measures to ask about available jobs at Outback. My family cares about me. More of the same “If you go to our website…” Bah! To cheer me up (Pfffffttt! As if my Firefly lemonade didn’t make me super cheery!) there are plenty of leftovers to sit in my fridge for no more than a day or two right alongside the crock pot chicken which may last significantly longer. It came out more pungent and savory than I was somehow expecting. Going to need to be in a mood for that bad boy. But it does smell yummy! Good first run with the crock pot, I’d say.

So I don’t know what exactly is on tomorrow’s agenda, but I have a walk and a trip to the library planned. Maybe a part time job at the library if they’re willing to hire little ol’ me who loves working with children and loves books. Hmm. I wonder if I’d be a fit?


  • BREAKFAST: 2 eggs scrambled with cayenne pepper and a slice of GF pizza
  • DINNER: Ribeye steak and steamed broccoli, bloomin’ onion for an appetizer, and two firefly lemonades to drink.
  • SNACK: Dark chocolate covered almonds. (That’s right! I didn’t order dessert! I’m getting GF cupcakes on my birthday and these were a housewarming gift! Booyah!)

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