On Today’s Menu: August 2, 2013


I didn’t get much writing done today. I was so absorbed in working on my TOTs curriculum. You know when inspiration just hits you? It beat me like I owed it money! If you’re not following my theatre advocacy blog, you totally should be. 🙂

We had breakfast/lunch at Waffle House. I didn’t use the birthday coupon for a free waffle after reading such an incredible Primal success story. I was actually really proud despite lingering wishes that I would be offered a waffle. Kind of like I had lingering wishes that Outback would offer me birthday cake despite not taking dessert. Had a delicious omelet with hashbrowns. Mmmmm…Waffle House…

Then we went to the North Dekalb Mall where I got a vacuum cleaner and two new dresses, one of which I may or may not be wearing to my friend’s wedding in September. Yes, yes, I have the gold dress, but it felt so prom-y. Then again, this purple one sort of does too, but…I don’t know. I have trouble saying no to free dresses. And I think the purple dress fits nicer and is a little more sophisticated. I think I can get away with wearing it more places than the gold dress too. But then there’s the red dress that my mom wouldn’t let me leave behind. Figure-hugging, lacy top dress. Suuuuuuper sexy and hard earned after nearly 8 months Primal. Even I had to say, “Damn, girl!” Might have convinced the lovely store owner to try Primal health. At least she was intrigued to check it out. Yay! I also may have a job prospect tutoring her son or working in the store. That’d be awesome. I should just look into subbing some more. I just don’t like how complicated the process is.

After the mall was BRUSTER’S!!! The goddesses loved t. Loved it! It is the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Too bad mine was mostly melted when we got back to the hotel because I was the chauffeur for the day. I can’t complain when they’re paying for me for the weekend. Yay birthday weekend! Yay wonderful family! We chilled until dinner. Auntie went out with a friend of hers and mom and grandma and I went in search of Fox Bros. Bad idea on a Friday night. It was jam packed! So we went to another place that Rykie the awesome Box Office Manager recommended to me forever ago called Daddy Dz’s. It was supposedly five minutes away which really turned into like 10 minutes.

Oh. My. God.


Best BBQ in the world. Hands down the best. So delicious. The ribs were juicy and tender and they didn’t skimp on anything! The sides were piping hot and absolutely delicious. I even ate the cornbread. It was a BLOCK of moist flavor soaked cornbread. And the peach cobbler was sweet and the crust was buttery and easy to cut through without being mushy.  Grok wouldn’t mind this time, I swear. The servers were so nice and totally on point. We even bought three of their shirts, we loved it so much! Oh lordy lordy! Words just don’t describe it. You have to go for yourself. It looks like a rundown little roadhouse, and barely anyone was there, but inside is a hidden gourmet gem! So wonderful! Words, man! They’re hard! Mom said she’d be back to Atlanta just so we could go back to Daddy Dz’s. I would happily be a regular once I get a full time job.

Then we went to Kroger to pick up some things (like 20 LaraBars which were 10 for $10!) and then a quick stop at the liquor store. Then I got to Skype date for a hot second with the boyfriend.  Haven’t seen his face in a week!

Phew! Long day, man. Loooooong day. It’s going to be difficult getting back to work next week for sure. Especially since most of my shifts are box shifts. And a day box shift thrown in there. Better enjoy the weekend while I’ve got. My stomach is still enjoying the dinner… :3


  • LUNCH: Omelet with ham, cheese, onions, and jalapenos, a side of hashbrowns
  • SNACK: Bruster’s cup of ice cream
  • DINNER: Ribs, candied yams, broccoli casserole, cornbread
  • DESSERT: Peach cobbler

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