On Today’s Menu: August 3, 2013

Funny how little you can really accomplish in a day and still feel like you did so much.

I got my new phone today! It’s the upgraded version of my old phone so it only cost us the upgrade fee. It’s so shiny and new and not cracked. I love it! It also has a sleek purple cover. Supah protection! …not really, but it sure looks cool. I’ll try very hard not to drop it. No promises. And I discovered it has facial recognition as one of the lock options. It was so cool! …until you’re in any lighting different from the original setting. Then it will never recognize you again. That wore out quickly.

We went in search of Sweet Confessions, but it didn’t appear to be open…or in business…other than having a sign and a working website. I was sad because I was really looking forward to some GF cupcakes for my birthday. So I was left with the task of finding a different bakery for birthday cupcakes. We stopped at Crazy Ron’s BBQ. Remember Crazy Ron’s? The place I was looking for after a trip to the library earlier this week? Yeah. Found it. It was a teeny tiny little shack. Turned out they have some pretty darn good BBQ there too. It rivals Daddy Dz’s in taste, but I like the atmosphere of Daddy’ Dz’s better, I need an indoor seat to relax and I need some funny servers to make me and my family comfortable in your restaurant. Creature comforts. I’m a little bit of a princess I suppose.

We hung around the apartment for a little while before they went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and the burlesque show. Auntie had a Cinnabon bun from Burger King left in my house and goddammit if I didn’t want to just take a little bite…well we all know how it ends when I want just a little bite of something sweet…please remove all junk from my home before exiting. Thank you! Anyway, I missed getting dressy. It’s so much fun! Gosh I’m such a girl! Dinner was wonderful. There was a little mix up with the cooked dishes for our pickier eaters. You know mom and I were set with our delicious sushi and sashimi meals. No cooking; no hassle. 😉 One of the servers recognized us from Mother’s Day! She remembered mom because she speaks a little Japanese and because we made a big scene when I gave her her mother’s day gift. Nakato is definitely a place I want to be frequent often enough to be remembered. And I got my birthday song with the cool drum and some free ice cream with my cheesecake! Yummmm!

Arigato, ka-chan!
Arigato, ka-chan!

We got to 7 Stages and I gave auntie and grandma a tour of Horizon theatre just down the road while mom chillaxed at the Java Lords bar. I chillaxed with her when we got back. I like girly chat time with my mom. 😀 Despite buying tickets for the wrong performance time we got to sit in great seats for the burlesque show. It was wonderful! And I got the attention of New Orleans John a few times. Teehee. I’m learning the art of the tease, that’s all! Taloolah Love and Ursula Undress were fantastic as expected. Katherine Lash had an awesome silhouette performance and I’m a sucker for silhouette! And Sadie Hawkins did two aerial routines. Then there were more performers I didn’t know who were also wonderful! Even the ones who didn’t really strip, but rather danced or did acrobatics and such. I could definitely become a regular at the burlesque shows down here. I want to get to know the performers and be in their little friend cliques so I can talk back to the MCs during performances and say hi to everyone afterwards. And it makes me miss the NY scene where I can do that vicariously through my parents. Haha!

So we only hit a handful of places today, but it was a jam-packed day of birthday weekend goodness! My family does well by me. ❤


  • BRUNCH: 3 pieces GF pizza
  • SNACK: Half a rib, a Cinnabon bun (Uggh…)
  • DINNER: Sushi, seaweed salad, 2 drinks, mini cheesecake, and ice cream
  • SNACK: Cookie, brownie, 2 vodka cranberries



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