On Today’s Menu: August 4, 2013

I guess since I dream of having a home where I’ll always be inviting friends over, I should get used to waiting on people to arrive. I hate the feeling, but it is a fact of life. We got started a little later than I thought we would today since we had a grocery trip planned. Had to put it off, but we got a lovely IHOP lunch instead. Mom and I each got salads and planned to share to appetizers without realizing how humongous the salads and appetizers were. I wasn’t super hungry and filled myself to a sense of contentment against my will. I didn’t want to eat a lot so I would have room for dinner at the Vortex. I was certain I wouldn’t be hungry in just six or so hours.

Then we went back to my apartment to chill and get ready for the show. FINALLY got to see Every Tongue Confess! And I dare say I looked pretty cute today. I think mascara will be a routine makeup now, and I definitely need more skirts and earrings. I ended up helping Alison at Will Call because Tessitura was being a pain. What else is new? Working on my day off isn’t a problem. I like to help. It didn’t stay hectic for too long so I got to grab a cookie and sit with my family and enjoy the show. Shouldn’t have grabbed that cookie when I already still wasn’t hungry. Oh well. BIRTHDAY!

The show was so good! Very moving in a faith/spiritual way more than a Christian way, which I approve. Everyone agreed it was fantastic! Yay! Score for Brenna! Then we walked up to the Vortex for dinner. Amazing burgers. Score 2 for Brenna! We got stopped by a fast talking, slurring man doing magic tricks on the street with cards. We were politely trying to leave, but it’s hard to when you don’t know when or if he finished a sentence so you could excuse yourself. I don’t think he ever completed an entire thought to allow us time to get away until we gave him some money. Even then he kept talking to us as we walked off.

Early start tomorrow. Going back to Dekalb Farmer’s Market! That’s a totally cool way for me to start my actual birthday. Seriously! Time to get back in the Grok groove. My body has done a good job withstanding my birthday-related assaults. Maybe that’s a good sign for how I’ll be on lesser occasions that are still technically special occasions. My guts have earned a reward…and it’s either get the good food or suffer the TONS of left overs in my fridge right now.


  • LUNCH: Grilled chicken salad, 2 mozzarella sticks, a piece of quesadilla
  • SNACK: A few dark chocolate covered almonds, cookie
  • DINNER: Steak burger and tots and 2 drinks from The Vortex

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