On Today’s Menu: August 5, 2013 (Happy birthday!)


My brother promised we could make a lot of 90s kids references when I get home in September. 🙂

Today was the last day to spend with the Goddesses. ::sigh:: But we had fun today being productive while not doing terribly much. They treated me to groceries from the Farmers Market. YES! I will eat this month! I can even pay another month’s rent! The Dekalb Farmers Market even had coconut flour! My pantry is whole again! I love you, today!

Then we went back to the apartment and discovered the cable was still out downstairs. Boo! Auntie discovered it earlier and by that point, we realized I was just going to have to call Comcast. She watched TV in my room and mom and grandma helped me put the perishables away. I deposited my check and birthday monies at Wells Fargo. Then we had lunch at O’Charley’s. I ordered a pina colada with strawberry puree and when I asked for this Strawberry Colada, the server thought I meant strawberry lemonade or that I was ordering one of those Dunkin’ Donuts drinks. Carding me settled that quickly, but then she thought I was newly 21. I got a free 3 scoop ice cream sundae for my birthday. Woo! …well not really. Well it was really nice, but even my head was trying so hard to logically turn away dessert knowing there was Red Velvet cake from the Farmers Market we’d be eating later.

Couldn’t say no. Devoured the ice cream. Yummm…oh my stomach was mad, but my tongue told my brain, “Shut up and take it like a SAD man!”

How do you say no to a free...THIS!? With much wisdom and understanding that will come to me with age and experience. Just not today.
How do you say no to a free…THIS!? With much wisdom and understanding that will come to me with age and experience. Just not today.

After lunch we went back to the hotel to chill and let our stomach’s settle before stuffing them with more food. That took an additional two hours or so while watching How Do I Look. Even then I didn’t want to force more deliciousness into me, but damned if my family doesn’t love me and I don’t love cake! They sang happy birthday, I blew out the imaginary candles, and we rejoiced in Red Velvet goodness! I had two slices. Ooops. I guess the shock of sweet made saying goodbye a little easier to take. Sugar rush and all. Mom walked me to my car and I got to say goodbye to her there. I don’t like to have the whole petty Facebook “my mom is cooler than your mom” Mothers day-esque posts…but my mom is so much cooler than your mom. Just something I hope we can all embrace one day. 😉

I’ll be seeing her and my family and my friends and the boyfriend again in just over a month. I think I can make it. There may be more tears, but I think I can make it. There also may be more cake, but I think I can make it without that. I mean, I grabbed just one more slice when I got back to the apartment, but then I watched this video that got me thinking about how to spend the rest of my deceptively few jellybeans–I mean days on this planet. As my sugar headache formed again, I realized I didn’t want to spend it with cake. I love and appreciate what I had and I had my fill with people I love and who love me. 🙂 …but maybe more Bruster’s on occasion…

I’m seriously straight up crack addicted to sugar. I’m fighting it, but I may have to work up the strength to go entirely sober from refined/processed sugar. I might even turn down paleo-friendly sweets since it triggers a similar sweet tooth although not ANYWHERE near as badly as regular sugar.

Still, I won’t beat myself up for being treated on my birthday. I had such an amazing birthday weekend! ❤


  • BREAKFAST: Quesedilla and 2 mozzarella sticks, salad
  • LUNCH: Fish and popcorn shrimp with as much batter peeled off as possible, side of french fries I barely touched
  • DESSERT: 3 scoops of ice cream with chocolate and caramel and pecans and god only knows what else…and whipped cream
  • SNACK: 3 slices of Red Velvet cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Let my new jellybean–I mean year–commence!


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