On Today’s Menu: August 6, 2013

Back to the grind today.

I finally got to try my crock pot chicken for breakfast. It’s a little strong with seasonings. Still not bad for a first time crock pot meal. I think I need to crumble the chicken and use it in a different dish to mask some of the flavor. I’m thinking chicken omelet. What amount I could handle was enough to get me through a few hours at work. I brought carrots and tomatoes in tupperware with some dressing as a snack just in case. First jellybean of the rest of my life will NOT include a trip to the vending machine.

Day Box. The most terrifying time of day at Horizon theatre for the part time staff. And to make today more fun, there was a special sale. Any ticket sold today was only $20. Good for ANY performance date. That’s the price of a week night show on even a Saturday night when it’s $30! To make it especially fun, Tessitura kept freezing and running so slowly we could barely keep up with the phones. We actually had to call people back because we couldn’t take their orders when they called. Good times in the office. And guess what! I survived!! I wasn’t sure I would, but I’m really glad I threw myself into it to really make myself learn Tessitura. It helped to be in the thick of it and to still have Rykie and everyone there just in case. They were mostly answering the bombardment of phone calls as well so they could only help so much, which left my an independent box attendant. Yay! I can safely say I know how to use Tessitura! Booyah!

I got home and earned a good meal. No snacking. No stopping for fast food since I knew the ground beef wouldn’t be thawed yet. Decided to finish off the ribs and steak from my birthday weekend. What? No side? Oh wait. SWEET POTATOES! I popped one in the oven figuring in an hour I could then heat up the meat and have a lovely side of baked sweet potato.


An hour and a half passed at 400 degrees and it STILL wasn’t finished baking. Whyyy??? My poor apartment. I still took it out and ate it. It was mostly done anyway. Added a nice big pat of butter and cinnamon. YUM! Also tried a new LaraBar. Banana Bread. It had a twinge of something I didn’t like. It was also warm. Forgot to put them in the fridge so I took care of that. And then I chilled in my room where the TV still works–also where it is hot as hell. Wow. I’m getting that “Is it winter yet?” feeling…because it won’t be a New Jersey winter!!



  • BRUNCH: Lemon garlic chicken
  • SNACK: Tomatoes and carrots with berry dressing
  • DINNER: Ribs, steak, and a side of a baked sweet potato
  • SNACK: Banana bread LaraBar

Try and tell me I didn’t do a good job today! I’m back on track!


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