On Today’s Menu: August 7, 2013

Have I mentioned that my apartment is HOT? Waking up in a sweaty mess is no bueno. Might need to splurge on the air at night until it gets a bit cooler. It doesn’t help that I’ve been cooking the last few nights so that added to the stagnant heat. I’m working on how to solve this issue without boosting my bill. The way I’m going now, I could possibly be in the black for August, or at least not hundreds of dollars behind!

Today was much easier at the box office. Fewer calls, less mania with Tessitura, no one coming in to pay half with cash and half with credit. It was boring, but nice. And I got to try a new LaraBar flavor as a snack. Pecan Pie. Yum. I felt very much part of the office. I got home and cooked burgers for dinner. I wrongly judged the ripeness of one of my avocados so I only had the beds of lettuce and carrots to go with my burgers. I totally put jalapeno peppers in my burger. Unseeded…don’t judge me. Seeds make it really really hot!

I couldn’t figure out if I was unsatisfied or  just super bored. I watched Pitch Perfect. I was definitely just bored. What a cute movie!! The story was predictable, but it had fun characters and the music was rockin’! Occupied me for two hours and only felt like stopping to get food or a cocktail twice. Yay!

…this might be my shortest OTM post yet. Today was pretty uneventful.


  • BRUNCH: Lemon garlic chicken omelet
  • SNACK: LaraBar
  • DINNER: Burgers on a bed of spinach

EDIT: P.S. This was my 100th post! ::fanfare::


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